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Ayotlan, Santa Rita, Jalisco - more photos

By motherredcaps - Posted on 14 January 2007

Hi Patria & anyone interested in Ayotlan,
I have created a Ayotlan folder under Jalisco. I have posted 1 photo of Ayotlan so far and will be putting another 40 photos or so to share with all of you when I get an opportunity. These photos are from a trip that I took with my husband and my mother to Ayotlan back in 2004.

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Patricia -

Thanks for that great article with all those photos. My husband's ancestors, the Villalobos, Morones, and Peres were from Ayo El Chico, now Ayotlan. I printed out the article and most of the photos for him.

Emilie Garcia
Port Orchard, WA ---
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Dear Group--

I came across this site on Wednesday--

which shows Santa Rita, Jalisco, where my husband was
born. Apparently a delegation of people came from
Iowa in 2005 to visit. I know that there are a few
people who are researching in Ayotlan, which is also
featured, so this might be of interest to them.

On our trip to Santa Rita in December, I took quite a
few pictures. If you would be interested in seeing
what the land looks like around Santa Rita and this
part of los Altos, send me an email at
canprin [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Patricia Diane Godinez
AKA Patricia Burton

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