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Ignorance is not Bliss

Dear Ranchos Members,   I thought I would share some of my musings and findings. Yesterday I called my sister-in law to share some information regarding one of our common ancestors going back 4 generations in Tlachichila, Zac. and also to ask a question about some Mexican History regarding this region. Last week while reading film # 0226731, Matrimonios de Nochistlan, years 1842-1847. Our ancestor, Mateo Ruiz de Esparza's first marriage to Maria, Florencia Gonzales in January 1845 states that he is from Jalpa Zac. but I noticed that within that time span there were many other marriages which showed that either the bride or the groom were from Jalpa and were new arrivals to Tlachichila, some for a few months and some a few years. It made me wonder why so many new arrivals from Jalpa. What made these people leave Jalpa Zac which is a larger town and come to Tlachichila which is so remote and isolated? and only has subsistence

64 out of 102

okay we're at 102 members and only 64 of you are signed up in the Who's
Who database. if you get a chance please go there and sign up your



Question about Researching in a Parish

Hello all,

Have any of you ever done research in the actual Parish in Mexico?

I am asking, because in about 3 weeks, I will be going to Mexico. And
if possible I will try find some information at the parish and
cemetary level.

So could anyone give me some pointers, on what to expect? Or the best
way to approach the subject?


Digest Number 749

What is the address of the southern California meeting?


Charles Clark

Unable to attend Southern California Meeting

I'm sorry for the deaths in your family, and I'm also sorry that you will not be able to attend.  If this meeting is a success, I'll try to arrange another one.  We'll keep you in mind.

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Monte grande

Can anyone tell me where was "Monte Grande" in

Vacation Trip from California to East Coast

Our vacation starts April 6th in Rocklin, CA, then we spend about 5-
7 days in Ogden, UT where we will meet with Rosalinda and visit the
FHL in SLC again. The 14th of April we take off by way of Hiway 80
and head back east to Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. Before
we arrive back East, we plan on visiting friends in Chicago, Cousin
in Michigan, and a cyber cousin in Pittsburg. Those cities are

Confirm 1 seat for Ranchos meeting

This is to confirm my intent to come to the Feb. 25th Ranchos meeting @ 11:30. All I need now is where to come on that day.
Jose Luis Macias

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Hi group!

Here is an update on the upcoming Southern California Ranchos
Meeting. A kind member of the Ranchos group, Olivia Jaurequi-Reyes,
has offered the use of her home as a meeting place. The advantage of
this is that we can have a calm, comfortable atmosphere to share our
genealogies and ideas. I'd like to thank Olivia for her generosity.


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