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Sevilla Renteria Familia

Does anyone have information on the Sevilla or Renteria family of Tecolotlan/Juchitlan, Jalisco, Mexico?

los Yndios de Xocotepec, circa 1500.

in tracing my paternal linage, knowing full well, that they were Yndígenas in the beginning. & here is where i am trying to find the original person, who got "issued" the "Hernándes ~

Intro and Inquiry (Romo de Vivar)

Good evening, all. My name is Sebastian and I have been digging through records to expand my knowledge about my ancestors.

Same Person(s)

Hello Everyone,

My 7th Great Grandfather's 1692/1693 Registration of Sello (Branding Symbol) of livestock

I found this archive of when my 7th generation great grandfather Antonio Madera (1660 aprox - 1709) registered this symbol to use as a branding iron for his livestock.

Death registration

Hi everyone,

If there is a death registration there would also exist a church death document correct?

Is this library of archives able to view online?

This has alot of archives of colonial Mecico. Does anyone know if it can be viewed online?

University of Arizona Institutional Repository:



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