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Colotlan Marquez Baptisms 1800-1825

No reliable complete index exists of the Colotlan baptisms of the early 1800's -- not on Ancestry, not on FamilySearch, not in the church books themselves.

Melchor de Richarte and Thomasa de Guzman y Prado

Hello Nuestros Ranchos Forum,

I'm trying to see if anyone has any information on capitan Melchor de
Richarte and María Tomasa de Guzmán y Prado. They both would've been born
probably in the 1680s.

Grandfather Rito Gonzalez

To the Forum: I had asked for help to find my grandfather Rito Gonzalez. I wanted to let the Forum know that I found my grandfathers family. They also had been searching for family members.

FW: Somos Primos "We are Cousins" May 2019

"The opinions expressed in the Somos Primos Newsletter DO NOT necessarily reflect the opinions of the moderators of the NR group or the group in general"


History of t


I am searching for my grandmother Leandra Castaneda She was born on February 27 1890 in Zacatecas, Mexico. She was married to Rito Gonzalez.

Thank You

Seferino Alonso and Maria Eugenia Tiscareno

Hello Nuestros Ranchos Forum,

Does anyone have any information on Seferino Alonso and Maria Eugena
Tiscareno? Specifically the parents.

Lorenso Alonzo de los Ynojos

Not sure if anyone else has this family in their line or has worked out this Dispensa for Lorenzo Alonzo de los Ynojos y Beatris Flores de Baldes.


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