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We all have links to the Romo de Vivar and the Ruiz de Esparza?

When I read, some time ago, that virtually all families with roots in our area of interest are descendants of "Capitanes" Diego Romo de Vivar and Lope Ruis de Esparza, I thought probably that was not

Need help locating Parrish records in Government books

Does anyone know if church records were recorded in government books? Is there an archive to look at those?

Example is a picture of one a historian sent me. I am trying to help him out.

Finded 1662-1683 bapismal records for Ayotlan / Ayo el Chico

Maybe this is interesting for your research: FamilySearch catalog has baptismal records since 1682 for Ayotlan / Ayo el Chico.

¿Son todos los Cabral jerezanos y en general zacatecanos descendientes de Domingo Cabral?

Este es un tema que parece central en la investigación genealógica de los Cabral zacatecanos y por lo visto no hay una respuesta definitiva aún.

Parents of Leonel de Cervantes

Hello Everyone,

Parents of Leonel de Cervantes

Hello Everyone,

Galeron De Los Esclavos - Real De Asientos - Aguascalientes

I have been curious about slaves in Nueva Espana because when I had watched the TV Series "Roots" about slaves in the USA. I was impacted by the suffering they went through.

To view archives of Aguascalientes online

I can go into the website but when I want to open the document, it doesn't open.


to get in username: sigue.publica
password: publica


Hello, I'm a new active member of Nuestros Ranchos, although and old visitor to this great site.

Luis de Villavicencio

Buenos días a todos,

Nuevamente necesito su opinión sobre un reciente misterio.


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