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confused who is correct name for grandparent back then ?

ancestry.com lists my 7th great grandparents names as antonio posada and maria quiros. however in family search area they lists for hints as a antonio pacheco and maria quiros.

Temoluasco/Temohuasco? Where is this?

I just found out that my Corchado branch settled in Las Moras, a ranch next to Aguajes.


While reading an informacion matrimonial that contained consanguinidad en tercero con

civil-v-church matrimony

When a child was born, it appears that the parents had it baptized prior to registering it
with the civil government. For obvious reasons of infant mortality and salvation, I suppose.

Yanez Family Origins

I am new to the forum and researching various family members in Mexico. My question today is around the Yanez family in Nochistlan, Zacatecas.

New to the Site

Hello. I am new to the site and want to introduce myself. I am researching my family lines from Zacatecas.

morillo.murillo familiies

stumped as to where to look for and ancestrys hints are a bit off for my ways of thinking. looking for information pertaining to the families of francisca moreles and pedro murillo or morillo .


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