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Hello everyone,

Need help reading death document please


Can someone please help me identify the name of the Ranch where he passed? It's hard to read and I'm thinking Rancho Altamiraro or Atlamirano?

First page last record for Juan Hernandez.

Opinions on sites to do your family tree in

I have all my family tree info in Family search, since it was the first site I used when I started working on my tree last year.

Carlos Munguia Molinedo

Hola Prim@s

I was looking at the record below where a good samaritan offers information about a dispensation, where could I find the actual record? can someone guide me?

General Digest, Vol 158, Issue 1

Thank you for the info

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Frank Duran fedjr67@gmail.com

What does “expuesto” mean?

Hi, I’m going through baptism records, searching for ancestors and ran Into this one and have seen others with “expuesto en casa de..”, what does expuesto mean?

Need help reading baptism document.

Hi, Can someone please help me the spelling of the god Mother’s first and last name for Jph. Ricardo, right page first record.

I think it’s Fructuosa Girón?


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