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Mariana Marzelina De Jesus Gonzs. Gutierres

There is a record for Mariana Marzelina De Jesus Gonzalez Gutierres in Book 221423, Lagos de Moreno. She has a baptism date of 4 junio 1801. I cannot find the record - I have looked at all of 1801.

Hola soy Salvador Martinez

Hola; presentandome y ponerme al corriente con la busqueda de mis ancestros;
busco Torres de Bolaños, Sanchez, Ramos, Ibarra, Magallanes, P
aredes, Carrillo, Avila;

Research Digest, Vol 162, Issue 4

Try this link.

Padron Jalostotitlan 1679 page 346 Perez Maldonado- Lomelin for Rick

The actual original pages are not in the book Historia de nuestra señora de San Juan de los Lagos, and according to other posts in this forum the padron is not on family search, however the author tra


I am not sure if there are earlier burials than these 1686-1756 which are the earliest ones that are online at
This sta

Help transcribing pictured attached

I'm currently in the process of learning how to read old documents.

Andres de la Torre Valdes - Jerez


I'm looking for any information about the parents of Juan de la Torre Valdez (married to Juana Gamboa Villalobos)

Tierras y aguas, 1584-1866 I need help figuring oot all of it

Como muchoas ya han de saber, todos los libros de las Tierras y Aguas sobre las propiedadades están disponibles digitalmente para poderlos consultar/As you might already know, all the books from Tierr


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