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does anyone have info. on Cecilia lopez(early landowner in tlaltenango)'s mom

I'm asking this since a few months ago i got my maternal grandma's mtdna results, which were c1c4.

Miramontes / Viramontes

I have many Miramontes in my genealogy and have seen the surname Miramontes evolve to Viramontes beginning about the late 1800's.

Does anyone know why this happened?

Joseph de leon

Matrimonio en Jalostotitlan -

I am finding references to a marriage between Juan Padilla Davila and Antonia Martin del Campo in several places. The date given is 25 abril 1705, either in Jalostotitlan or San Juan de los Lagos.

What are the most traditional dishes and foods of San Juan De Los Lagos?

Having not even really discovered Mexican food, real mexican food until last year, where I Had some Suadero from a Comal, made by some Jalisco Locals in their backyard, I am now utterly entranced by s

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Hello everyone! My name is Angelica, I'm new here. Began researching my family roots about a year and a half ago now and have been regularly/actively working on my family tree.

Looking for origins of Rafael Duran

Hola parientes, I am currently stuck. I am looking for any baptismal records for Rafael Duran. Rafael is my 4th great-grandfather.

Research Digest, Vol 165, Issue 1

Hi, Laurel....Orendain in Spanish (pronunciation) would be
"oh-ren-dine"....the "r" has a "rolled r" sound...long i sound...if you
google pronouncenames.com you can hear the pronunciation...best wis


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