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12 Thanks But Still Disappointing. . .

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By makas_nc - Posted on 09 October 2021

I'd like to thank the 12 members that responded to my request for a $10 donation to update the website.

Many thanks to:

Sean and Rebekah Sales
George Esqueda
Linda Vasquez
Martha Gavela
Glenn Alvarez
Sara Rodriguez
Alex Mercado
Olga Allison
Jeannette Vasquez
R. Navarro
Erlinda Castanon-Long
Anselmo Perez

Thanks but the messages I sent out for support have been read over a 1000 times and 12 of you kind folks have responded. Makes me think that the interest in this group is VERY SMALL and NOT of value to most of you. . .disappointing to say the least.

I really would like for 18 more of you all (minimum) to respond to this request for support. I you think we should keep the website rolling in as efficient way as possible please consider being one of the 18 more to send your support for the website.

Joseph Puentes

I can help too. Let me know exact address to mail it.

Joseph Puentes
PO Box 72524
Durham, NC 27722

No PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, ApplePay, etc. Just a check for $10 or carefully hidden in an envelope



Nuestrosranchos is a fantastic resource that we can’t let die. Thank you Joseph Puentes for your efforts to keep the site up.

You can add my name to the list of donators in a few days when you receive my check.

I am also concerned about what will happen to nuestrosranchos in the future. I am volunteering to take over management of the site if you ever decide to stop managing it.

Thanks again Joseph,

Rick A. Ricci

Hi Joseph,
I was absent from the site for several months and I didn't see your message.
Can you cash a check from a French Bank? I dont have a US account.


Thank you for showing your interest in supporting the website. I very much appreciate that you find value here

I would like to just find 30 members that feel the same and so far I've found about 16 including you, thanks!

It is much easier if you were to just carefully hide a $5 Euro bill in an envelope and mail it to Joseph Puentes, PO Box 72524, Durham, NC 27722, USA and I'll email you a receipt if you need one.

If you don't like that idea I'll do some research and see if my bank will cash a check from a French Bank.

Thanks again for your support,


Can send through Zelle.. what is the phone # for zelle

Count me in, $10 bill in the mail. Not making excuses for others, but many like myself no longer use paper checks. Thanks for this wonderful website.

Ruben Rojas

I have $10 to give you but I am in Mexico, I will figure out how to get them to you!!

No Zelle

Ok, I'm sending a 10 Euro bill in an envelope to your address.
I don't need a receipt, only to know if you received it.

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