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Pacheco Magallanes lineage from Hacienda de Lobatos, Valparaíso, Zac.

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By garciapacheco - Posted on 04 October 2021

Hola Nuestros Ranchos. Hope you all are doing well during these crazy times we live in.

So far, I've been able to complete the side of our Matriarch's Family Tree and establish connections to the past, but have found myself at a Brick Wall while researching our Patriarch's past.

I've been compiling notes since the late 80s regarding both sides, and have done a lot of research online since, viewing countless record slides on and MyHeritage, and "Googleing" in order to find the missing pieces of the puzzle to complete my Tree. But like he would say, "Nariz de Godornis."

My great-grandfather was Rito Pacheco Rodrígues, born according to a marriage dispensation record in 1871, in Hacienda de Lobatos, Valparaíso, Zacatecas, to José Sabás Pacheco Bueno and Serapia Rodrígues (daughter of Leandro Rodrígues, son of José María Rodrígues). Rito's grand-parents are listed as Petronilo Pacheco and Ramona Bueno. I've not been able to to find any other information on them, except names.

According to the story passed on from my great-grandmother Lorenza Magallanes Franco, daughter of Camilo Magallanes and Francisca Franco, he was hung along with other Villistas in Valparaíso circa 1916. She, along with my grandfather and his youngest siblings, personally witnessed his hanging. She died in 1949, but their oldest sons, Agustín, and Antonio, while alive, were able to corroborate this story. They too were almost killed by a Carranzista firing squad, but according to them and those involved, a last minute message from the Carranzista leadership, prevented them from being executed.

The Tree drawn by Rosendo E. Muñoz, interim priest at the Valparaíso Parrish in 1898, reads as follows:

José María Rodríguez
Leandro Rodríguez __1__ Cirila Rodríguez
Serapia Rodríguez __2__ Higinio Franco
Rito Pacheco _______3__ Francisca Franco
____________________4__ Lorenza Magallanes

A modified excerpt from another Tree:

Aniceto Magallanes
____________________1__ Luís Magallanes
____________________2__ Florencio Magall.
____________________3__ Camilo Magallanes
____________________4__ Lorenza Magallanes

I'm also stuck at Magallanes, because of conflicting Trees on that have Florentino Magallanes as well as Florencio Magallanes, and have Florentino listed as Camilo's father.

Believe me, if I could drive down to Zacatecas to do further research I would, but the way things are down there right now...

I have Florencio Magallanes and Martina Luera as the parents of Camilo Magallanes.

I have Higinio Franco and Telesfora Gómez as the parents of Francisca Franco.

This information comes from the baptismal record of Maria Placida Magallanes Franco.

Good Luck in your research,
Rick A. Ricci

Hey Rick, thanks for the prompt reply. Hope you are well. Until recently, I've known that information since my childhood, with the exception of Telésfora.

I continue searching for information on Don Aniceto (Aniseto) Magallanes, his vitals, origin, ancestors, and descendants, as well as that information pertaining to Don José María Rodrígues (Rodríguez). Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Hello Jesus,

It’s not that you are doing anything wrong, it’s that “Magallanes” is often abbreviated many different ways. You are going to have to get creative and come up with as many abbreviations that you can think of and just keep trying those abbreviations in familysearch. I had a hard time finding documents on one of my recent ancestors and finally, after many years, found his birth records with an abbreviated surname. If you don’t find him under an abbreviated surname, then you may want to cast a wider net as he may have originally been from somewhere else and traveled to Zacatecas.

Don’t give up. For some of my ancestors it took over two decades to find them. You never know when you are going to strike gold.

Rick A. Ricci

P. S. That ancestor that I couldn’t find for many years was a great great grandfather surnamed Rodríguez (Rodg.). He lived a long time. His daughter from his third marriage married a maternal uncle of Presidente Fox.

Hey Rick,

Thank you very much for the feedback and encouragement. I'll start looking at several abbreviations and then start organizing myself a little more and come up with a game plan. Weird I'm good at looking up the living, but your insight is helping me set my thoughts in order. I really appreciate it.

Hi Jesus,

There is a lead on seeing if there is more information on Jose Sabas Pacheco and Serapia Rodríguez. Look up the baptismal record of Jose Cresencio Pacheco Rodríguez on the 2/January/1881 in Valparaiso. I believe that there may be a mistake in that date, but check out that film and search out the baptismal record.

This link will put you in the ballpark of where you want to look for this record :

Good Luck,

Rick, you're a Lifesaver! I really appreciate the lead you provided me with. I'm getting on it right now!

Have a great day!

Hello Jesus,

I believe that Luis Magallanes is also known as Norberto Magallanes so let’s call him Luis Norberto Magallanes.

There is a death record for Luis Magallanes dated 27/May/1880 where it states that he is eighty years old, son of Aniceto Magallanes and Bonifacia Laralda aka Bonifacia Muñoz, and widower of Romualda Mendiola.

While searching for records of Romualda Mendiola, Her husbands name is listed as Norberto Magallanes. That is why I believe that Luis and Norbeto Magallanes are the same person.

Good luck in your research,
Glad I could help,

Rick A. Ricci

Wow! Thanks a bunch, Rick! That'll help out a lot! I did find an entry in that doesn't show a document, but shows "Alfonso" Magallanes and Francisca Franco, as parents of Plácida Magallanes Franco, instead of Camilo. Weird.

I started looking at the Rodriguez surname using different variants, and have come up with more information that I need to verify.

I know a Mendiola family. Maybe they're descendants too. That's for later.

Hello Jesus,

I found a document that clearly read Remigio Franco instead of Higinio Franco so we may have been misreading his first name all along.

For now we should identify him as Remigio “Higinio” Franco until we can clarify why we have come up with different first names for this person. It may be just how we read the script or the scribe misunderstood what he was told and wrote one instead of the other. Or one is his nickname while the other was his baptismal name.

Higinio Remigio Franco does have a son of named Remigio so it is possible that the son’s name was confused with the father’s name.
Rick A. Ricci

Hi Rick,

Oh wow. It wouldn't occur to me to think that the scribe would do either, but it does make sense after reading many slides.

But then you're also right. Some folks would provide certain information.

And then we have another situation with another member of the Tree, but I think I'll post it as a separate topic, due to its complexity. This one, ironically, reminds me of a recent Spanish series. It's complicated.

Stay safe and have a good Night, Rick!

- Jesus

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