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Website Money Needed

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By makas_nc - Posted on 18 September 2021

ok the website has needed to be updated for a few years now as the Drupal is way out of date. I checked with DreamHost who is my ISP and they say they will do it for $300 which I thought was pretty reasonable.

I've been paying for everything since inception in 2002 and I'm NOT going to pay for this. Having said that I'm not going to take the site down if you all refuse to foot this bill. So what do you think would asking each of you to donate $10 be too much to ask? I said $10 because I don't think MANY of you all will separate with a few buck but I do hope 30 of you will. . .but hey surprise me and make me a rich man and flood my mailbox with ten dollar bills.


ok, el sitio web ha tenido que actualizarse durante algunos años ya que Drupal está muy desactualizado. Verifiqué con DreamHost, que es mi ISP, y dicen que lo harán por $300, lo que pensé que era bastante razonable.

He estado pagando por todo desde el inicio en 2002 y NO voy a pagar por esto. Habiendo dicho eso, no voy a retirar el sitio si todos se niegan a pagar esta factura. Entonces, ¿qué crees que pedir a cada uno de ustedes que done $10 sería demasiado pedir? Dije $10 porque no creo que MUCHOS de ustedes se separen con unos pocos dólares, pero espero que 30 de ustedes lo hagan. . .pero me sorprenden y me hacen rico e inundan mi buzón de billetes de diez dólares.

To what address do I send the money for the website? Thank you

let me know as well where to send.

Joseph Puentes
Po box 72524
Durham, NC 27722

my check is in the mail
and thank you and Arturo for
keeping this wonderful website online
for so long
Erlinda Castanon-Long

I forgot to say that if I don't get 30 people to commit to this I'll "refuse" any letters received so the Post Office can "Return To Sender" so make sure you all put a return address on any letters sent.


I will contribute. Please let me know where to send the contribution. Thank you for all your work on this website.

I just saw the address. I will send the check tomorrow. Your work is greatly appreciated.

My check is in the mail. I also want to thank you very much for all the work that you do.


I will happily contribute. Just a question of clarification. Do you want 30 people as evidence of the breadth of commitment to Nuestros Ranchos or do you just want to make sure the $300 gets covered?

To our Members, I encourage us that if some of us have the means to contribute more than $10 we can and should do so, and if those of you that can contribute $10, should do so.

Thanks, Joseph, for all you have done and are doing. We stand with you.



My check is in the mail, Joseph.


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