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Census of San Antonio, Texas , Nueva Espana (Mexico) June 14, 1718

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By MADERA_32 - Posted on 31 August 2021

I found in an online book of the diary of Alarcon that went into Texas in 1718.

Here on page 60 of that book online is a list of the census of San Antonio, Texas, Nueva Espana (Mexico) date June 14, 1718. I will have to check Joseph Velasquez, Antonio and Agustin Perez if they are the ones on my family tree which I do have those names on my family tree at that time period.


Census of San Antonio, Texas (Nueva Espana, Mexico)
June 14, 1718:

Governor Don Martin de Alarcon
Military Engineer Don Francisco Barreiro y de Alvarez
Captain Santiago Ximenez, Alferez Francisco Hernandez
Seargeant Juan Barrera


Cristobal de Carvajal
Vicente Guerra
Sebestian Gonzalez
Joseph Neyra
Joseph Velasquez
Joseph Ximenez
Antonio Guerra
Geronimo Carvajal
Juan Domingo
Joseph Chirino
Juan Valdes
Francisco Rodriguez
Matheo Rodriguez
Francisco Menchaca
Joseph Antonio Rodriguez
Marcelino Zicona
Nicolas Hernandez
Francisco Hernandez
Andres Sosa
Juan De Castro
Domingo Flores
Joseph Maldonado
Manuel Maldonado
Juan Galvan
Patricio De La Cruz
Joseph Placido Flores
Antonio Perez
Agustin Perez
Joseph Cadena
Cristobal De La Garza
Miguel Hernandez
Juan De Sosa

Hi Mr. Madera

Thanks for the info and link!

For those with connections to San Antonio, I would to add that you have provided other good info here:

in a thread I started about a padron for San Antonio 1735.

Best Regards
Denise Fastrup

Hi Denise,

Yes, There is something interesting here in the census of San Antonio 1718. If you compare this census with the census of San Antonio in 1763 where the population got a little bigger in 1763 but they all have the same surnames of the people of 1718.

I see two of them Joseph Velasquez, Antonio and Agustin Perez. If they are the same ones in my family tree. Velasquez was originally from Xerez.

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