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By amonroy6607 - Posted on 20 August 2021

Hi my name is Anna Lopez Castro, and I have been searching for information on my Grandmothers parents for several years now, and this is my last stop. The only information that I have is my Grandmother Irene Jenny Aguilar Lopez has a mother Otilia Cedillo and a father Ismail Aguilar that were both born in Delicias Mexico, but from what I understand before he left Mexico to come to the United States, he changed his name to Aguilar sometime in the early 1900s. If you have any information with either Otilia Cedillo or Ismail Aguilar, please respond back to this Message.

Thank you
Anna Lopez Castro

Hello Anna,

I believe that I may have found Otilia Cedillo’s family. However, I need more information to verify that they are the same person. Was your Otilia Cedillo born in 1910? Do you have any other information that will help identify her?

Please add information on Otilia’s children so that I can compare the information with what I have found.

A key piece of information that will help identify which Otilia Cepeda is your great grandmother is to know the birthdate of your grandmother, Irene Jenny Aguilar Lopez.

Thanks, Rick A. Ricci

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