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Studies of specific ranchos?

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By Angelita - Posted on 24 February 2021

I am new to this group and grateful to you for being here. Has anyone done studies of the history of specific ranchos? As part of my research into my grandfather's family (surname Angel, from Jesus Maria), I wonder if anything has been written about the families who lived on the ranchos of El Capulin de Chavez, Las Cruces, El Pandillo, and/or La Mesita de Ornelas? Who owned the ranchos, what did they produce, and who worked there?

Soy nueva en este grupo y estoy agradecida a ustedes por su colaboracion. Alguien ha hecho estudios de la historia de ranchos especificos? Como parte de mi investigacion sobre mi abuelo (apellido Angel, de Jesus Maria), quisiera saber si haya algo escrito sobre las familias que vivian en los ranchos de El Capulin de Chavez, Las Cruces, El Pandillo y/o La Mesita de Ornelas? Quienes eran los duenos, que produjeron, y quienes trabajan alli?


I also have Ángel from Jesús María in my family tree.

In the museum gift shop of the Museo Tlatelli Jesús María in Jesús María, Jalisco, I purchased the book listed below. It's not exactly what you're looking for, but it's close.

Title: Jesús María: memoria y tradición oral
Author: Rubén Romero González
Publisher: Rubén Romero González, 2017

Good luck!


Dear Glenn,

Thanks for the lead. I've written to the museum to see if I can get a copy from them. I'll also try inter-library loan although it looks like it was self-published so it may not be easy.


You might be interested in these death records I found in La Yesca records.

If anyone is looking for the 1904 death certificates for Jesus Maria, Municipio del Nayar, Nayarit, you can find them under La Yesca civil registration (1889-1911). Pages 1500-1512.

Good luck!

Jesús María, Jalisco and Jesús María, Nayarit share the same name but are two distinct municipalities in neighboring states, and are easily confused for each other.

Records for Jesús María, Jalisco can be found here:

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