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Lorenzo de Renteria from Mezquitic

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By rojasdelgado - Posted on 19 November 2020

Hello everyone,

I have two ancestors in my tree with the same name and trying to determine if it’s the same person. Also, I have not come across their baptism records and any help to identify which Renteria lineage they belong to would be appreciated.

1. Lorenzo Renteria (BIRTH ABT. 1690 Mezquitic, Jalisco- DEATH BEF. 11/07/1740) married Juana de los Reyes (BIRTH ABT. 1690 Mezquitic, Jalisco -DEATH BEF. 11/07/1740)


>>Maria Guadalupe Renteria (BIRTH ABT. 1710 Mezquitic, Jalisco DEATH 03/20/1747 ) married Diego Bañuelos

>>Maria Theresa de Renteria (BIRTH ABT. 1720 Monte Escobedo, Zacatecas) married Antonio Talavera

>>Florencio Gerardo Renteria (BIRTH ABT. 1723 Monte Escobedo, Zacatecas) married Justa de la Rosa Bañuelos

>>Petrona Renteria (BIRTH ABT. 1726 Mezquitic, Jalisco) married Estevan Bañuelos 2.

2. Lorenzo Renteria (BIRTH ABT. 1710) married Cacilda Bañuelos (BIRTH ABT. 1714 Rio de Atoloaque, Jalisco) daughter of Diego Bañulos (same Diego Bañuelos who also married Maria Guadalupe Renteria from above) and Anna Gamboa.

The marriage record states Lorenzo Renteria is “viudo” from Josepha de Roxas.

I also came across Pedro Lorenzo de Renteria (BIRTH 05/10/1713 Nochistlán) parents Pedro de Renteria and Josefa Carrillo. Is there a connection to this family from Nochistlan?

Any additional info would be appreciated.

Ruben R

I haven't seen much, if any, connection between Nochistlan and either Mezquitic, Jalisco and Monte Escobedo, Zacatecas from 1680 to 1720.

here's the marriage record for lorenzo and cacilda it mentions lorenzo being a widower of juana de roxas(not sure if i'm reading this name correctly). if juana roxas = juana reyes, then those lorenzos must be same person

Hi Katy,

Thank you, I have that link posted above. I was thinking the same thing a few years back when I came across the marriage record. Like you said, "juana roxas = juana reyes, then those lorenzos must be same person" and was very tempted to link both but decided to do a bit more research. I'll post any findings for those with ties to this family.

Ruben R

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