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Flores de Lisar ??? Handwriting Help Request

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By makas_nc - Posted on 15 November 2020

on the right page is the death record of my 4th G grandfather Pedro de la Torre and his parents are Simon de la Torre and Maria Ynes Flores de Lisar (well it looks like Lisar). I haven't heard of that name is it Lisar or another name? I was comparing the the last letter to the "R" in Nesesarios a few lines down and it kind of looks similar. what do you think?


It's definitely "Lisar." My guess is it's short for Lisardi/Lizarde/Elizarde - the spelling varies. That was part of the compound surname "Lopez de Lizardi (sp)," who you can find throughout Aguascalientes and Los Altos de Jalisco.

Good luck!
Manny Diez Hermosillo

Hi! I can also definitely read "Lisar" too. I read a post in here saying it could also be "Liras", which I honestly don't see but I guess it's also a posibility. But I do believe it could very well be "Hijar" too, which I understand is a last name in this area (and tends to be a compund last name, though not necessarily with Flores).

Hope it helps! :)

Hi Joseph,

It is most like Flores de Lisardi but I think she uses multiple last names. Here is a baptism for a Rosalia de la Torre, hija legitima de Pedro de la Torre y Josefa Ramirez. Abuelos Paternos: Simon de la Torre y Ynes Esparza...


Definitely Flores de Lisar

As I've gone through the various records I've seen her listed as Ynes Flores de Lisar, Ynes Esparza, Ynes Medel, Ynes, Medeles, and Ynes de Avila

thanks for the reply to my question


thanks for your comment to my question


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