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About Pasajeros that traveled by ship to Nueva Espana (Mexico)

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By MADERA_32 - Posted on 05 October 2020

I would like to give tips to people out there that are interested in looking up people or ancestors that traveled by ship from Spain to Nueva Espana (Mexico).

Each pasajero has a document usually abouot 4 - 10 pages long on average. But here is the thing? Each pasajero many times has people that traveled with him on the ship such as "su mujer," "sus hijos," "criados." Those extra people traveling with the pasajero are buried in the document. So you have to read the document to find the names of the other people that traveled with the "pasajero."

The point I am trying to make is that in he pars website for example, it will list names of the pasajero's who sailed to Nueva Espana. But they had people that traveled with them that are named inside the pasajero's document which you will have to read to find who they are.

Here is a pars website to look through:

You can search "pasajeros." Then on the left side after the list comes up you can filter by years. For example I wanted to searched 1687 so I filtered for 1687 range. I picked the one on the list called "informacion y licencias de pasajeros a indias 1687."

Even though it doesn't show digital documents attached. Don't be fooled. They many times are attached. So I would click on "view in original presentation." It would take me to the next page called "Pares."

In the middle of the page "1687" then there would be "153 units attached."

I would click on the 153 units attached. And they they are. A list of names of 153 pasajeros. Then I would open each document and read through it to see who traveled with him in the form of "su mujer," "sus hijos," "criados."

Other topics you can search for in pars website are:

Relacion de pasajeros - gives more names of passengers

Registro de navios - before the fleets were to sail to nueva espana, ships were being registered with things about their cargo for example.

Here is a website of the "flotas" that sailed to nueva espana (mexico) and if you click on one it gives the whole list of names of ships that sailed that year.

Thank you so much for the instructions! :-)

Thanks a lot!!! I am trying to find an ancestor that came around 1588. I will try!

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