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Longoria Family

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By tjs090806 - Posted on 25 September 2020

I am seeking information on the Longoria family from Zacatecas. My son-in-law's grandfather is Arturo F. Longoria, born about 1927 in Zacatecas. He immigrated to Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua in about 1943 and has lived in El Paso, Texas since then.

Thank you,
Thomas Sloan

Geronimo isn’t their brother, he is their grandfather as he is the father of Faustino Longoria.

Tell me more about your grandmother, who she married, where she lived, and any clues that I can use to try to track her down.

1)- Geronimo Longoria married Francisca Trejo and they are the parents of Faustino
2)- Faustino Longoria married Dominga Castañon and they are the parents of
3). Luis, Benigno, Salvador, Maria Concepcion, and Senobia. They may have more siblings as those are only the ones that we have identified up to now.

Rick A. Ricci


Do you have Cenobia’s death record. If her name was originally Angeles then you may try looking for María de Los Angeles Longoria.

Jose Rosalio Minchaca Zamora and Cenobia Longoria Castañon are the parents of at least three: Edmundo, Roberto and Hector.

Rick A. Ricci

So, I presented my research to my son-in-law; it was the wrong Longoria family. There were two Longoria families, bother from Sombrerete, Zacatecas who immigrated to the US and settled in Anthony, NM/TX. My son-in-law is the son of Jose Longoria who is the son of Alberto Longoria who married Maria Eldia Rubalcava. Alberto is the son of Jose Ines Longoria, son of Sixto Longoria. I could find no intersection between the two Longoria families, but there must be one before 1800.

Thom Sloan


This is the Longoria branch that your son in law descends from:

José María Vasquez and Gregoria de Santa Cruz are the parents of Ponciana Vasquez

Felipe Longoria and Maria Isabel Josefa Muñoz are the parents of Sixto Longoria Muñoz

Sixto Longoria Muñoz and Ponciana Vasquez Santa Cruz are the parents of Jose Ines Longoria Vasquez

Francisco Conde Cervantes and Josefa Lozano Santa Cruz are the parents of Teodora Conde Lozano

Jose Ines Longoria Vasquez and Teodora Conde Lozano are the parents of Alberto Longoria Conde

Alberto Longoria Conde and María Eldia Rubalcava (daughter of Antonio Rubalcava and Bernardina Farango) are the parents of Jose Longoria

Dionicio Conde (aka Dionicio Castillo Conde) and María Luciana Cervantes are the parents of Francisco Conde Cervantes

Dionicio Conde (Castillo Conde) is the natural son of Castor De la Cruz

Gil Lozano and Luisa Santa Cruz are the parents of Josefa Lozano Santa Cruz

Rick A. Ricci

I found their marriage certificate; Rosalio Minchaca Zamora (my grandfather) and Cenobia Longoria Castañon got married on September 11th 1900 in Sombrerete Zacatecas. The first name appears as Cenobia and not Angeles, I also found some of their children’s birth certificates and they all show that their mother’s first name was Cenobia. (In some matches from MyHeritage she appears as Senobia).

They were:
Edmundo Minchaca Longoria, born in 1902
Roberto Minchaca Longoria, born on September 20th, 1903
Eduardo Minchaca Longoria, born on September 8th, 1905
Maria Ernestina Minchaca Longoria, born on January 11th, 1908
Emma Minchaca Longoria, born on October 21st, 1909
Maria Aurora Minchaca Longoria, born on October 27th, 1911
Héctor Minchaca Longoria, born on August 15th, 1915 (my father)
Sergio Minchaca Longoria, born and deceased in 1920
Rodrigo Minchaca Longoria, born and deceased at unknown dates.

Jorge Minchaca

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