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Galeron De Los Esclavos - Real De Asientos - Aguascalientes

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By MADERA_32 - Posted on 06 September 2020

I have been curious about slaves in Nueva Espana because when I had watched the TV Series "Roots" about slaves in the USA. I was impacted by the suffering they went through.

So I have been trying to look at documents about "esclavos" that were taken to Nueva Espana but they were also taken to other parts of the Americas such as Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Repulic, etc.

When I had seen in the pars website, I saw that slaves were picked up mostly at "New Guniea and Angola" that were brought to Nueva Espana but they were first brought to Cuba.

If you look up "esclavos"

But out of random when viewing defunto records in Xerez? I randomly saw esclavos that said they were from "El Congo."

In the archives of aguascalientes, there were slaves sold at "Real De Asientos" and "Aguascalientes." You can look that up in the Aguascalientes archives under "Compraventa de Esclavos"

to get in username: sigue.publica
password: publica

Over at "Real De Asientos" there is a building that looks like in a desolate area called "Galeron de esclavos." But now it seems to not be anymore on tourist websites. I used to see it years ago and also saw a youtube on that. Now, they are practically all gone.

If you look in images in google "Galeron De Esclavos Real De Asientos Aguascalientes" you can see only two pictures of that place.

That's very interesting although sad. I have also been surprised by the quantity of "esclavo" notes in the birth and marriages records in Mexico. Many are "libres", but not all, both "negros" and mulatos.

According to Ancestry dna, I have genes from West Africa (Gambia Senegal and Guinea-Bissau - not the areas on the Gulf og Guinea) and southwest Africa (Cameroun, Angola, Namibia, Gabon, and Congo). In church records I have found ancestors noted as mulatto libre and at least one as mulatto esclavo. Very interesting for me!


Very very interesting! I have just ordered my DNA kit and am eager to see what is going to be discovered!

Jesus Cabral

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