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Gregorio Sandoval Legaspi's wife

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By labananilla - Posted on 09 June 2020

Hey everybody!! I have a question about Gregorio Sandoval Legaspi and his wife.

I descend from his son Nicanor Sandoval, who married Sotera Rodríguez in 1878 and then Ramona Pulido in 1906. In the marriage with Ramona Pulido it states that he is a widow and mentions Sotera Rodríguez, and his parents are Gregorio Sandoval Legaspi and Dolores Pulido. This also matches their grandson, Maximiano Sandoval - my great grandfather.

However, in the marriage registry of Nicanor Sandoval and Sotera Rodríguez (his first wife), Nicanor appears as son of Gregorio Sandoval and Teresa Espinoza, and I don't understand this at all. All the other names match, the dates match, and "Teresa" doesn't sound like "Dolores" at all. It's also not a full name; she is "María Dolores Pulido de los Ríos", so nothing close to "Espinoza". Also, I searched for a registry for Gregorio Sandoval and Teresa Espinoza, and didn't find anything at all.

Do you think it was just a weird registry mistake?

Would the second marriage require a dispensa due to the Pulido line? If so you can look for that to help. Also, see if on the page where the first marriage entry is, if the records before or after it have the name teresa espinoza in them. I have seen scribes accidentally place names in the wrong record like they were copying from another piece of paper or something

See if the names match in an IM if available as well for the first marriage. You can also compare church and civil records in that time period

Nice catch, scribe error according to this document

Yes, indeed! Just misplaced names, after all. I hadn't seen that before so I got lost. Thank you so very much!

Always run with a hunch!

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