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Santos Leon and Ma. Nepomucena Garcia

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By Raramosa - Posted on 01 February 2020


After a few months of trying and retrying to push past this brick wall I was hoping that maybe any one of you may have some insight on Santos Leon and Ma. Nepomucena Garcia. I figured that with their unique names finding them should not be an issue, but I have been having trouble.

Here is what I know:

I have identified two children-

Maria Leon b. appx. 1835 and d. on 10 Jul 1920, in Jesus Maria, Jalisco. She was the widow of a Torres.

Maria Gumercinda Leon b. appx. 1851, m. appx. 1872 to Jose Ma. de Jesus Lozano.

Gumercinda and Jose Ma. have a son Miguel c. 27 Sep. 1869 in Manuel Doblado, Guanajuato.
The rest of their children are in Jesus Maria and then later in Arandas. Santos Leon and Nepomucena Garcia are listed as the grandparents on all the baptismal records. (Miguel Lozano's baptism) (Jose Lozano's baptism) (Virginia Lozano's baptism)

Thanks in advance!

Any tips?

José De los Santos Leon married María Anastacia García on the 7/April/1823 in Ayo el Chico, Jalisco

José De los Santos Leon (bap. 4/Nov/ 1804) is the son of José Marcelo León (Cos de Leon) and Ma. De la Encarnacion Mares.

Maria Anastacia Garcia is the daughter of José Facundo García and María Luisa Pérez ((Sallabedra)

A thorough research of the descendants of José De los Santos and Maria Anastacia may reveal that she also used the name Ma. Nepomucena

Maria Anastacia Garcia was baptized on 23/August/1807 in Jesus Maria, Jalisco Mexico, same place as José De los Santos.

José Marcelo de León s parents are José Gregorio Cos de León and Paula (Feliciana Pabla de la Santísima Trinidad) de La Paz.

Maria de la Encarnacion Mares’s parents are Francisco Ygnacio Mares and Maria Elena Escoto.

I hope this information helps you with your research,
Rick A. Ricci

Thank you, Ricci. I will look into them.

Your welcome Rafael. By coincidence this past week I was working on another line of Garcías and Leon from this same area. Let me know if this is your family and I will give you much information on their ancestrys

Rick A Ricci

After putting this line to rest for a little while, I came back and managed to breakthrough the brick wall.

I found the marriage records for the daughter, Gumercinda, who is from Silao, Guanajuato, and in those records the mother is referred to as Nepomucena Peres. The father, Santos Leon, was still alive at the time and attested to the marriage records. With this new information, I was then able to find Santos Leon and Juana Nepomucena Peres' marriage records, which then allowed me to go back one more generation.

I am not sure if anyone else has these individuals in their family trees, but I was hoping to share.

1. Jose Maria de Jesus Lozano + Gumercinda Leon

Engagement - 3 Jul 1866 (
Marriage - 1 Aug 1866 (

Gumercinda's baptismal record: 14 Jan 1843 Silao, Guanajuato

2. Santos Leon + Juana Nepomucena Peres

Engagement - Jun 1836
Marriage - 17 Jul 1836

These records have the following as the couple's parents:
Encarnacion Leon + Catarina Lopez
Teodoro Peres + Nicolasa Castro

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