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Matrimonio en Aguascalientes

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By dgmiv - Posted on 02 December 2019

I am looking for the matrimonio for Pablo Valdez and Trinidad Marquez. It is supposed to be in book 299835 on 13 diciembre 1815. I have looked page by page from noviembre 1815 through the end of 1816 and I am not seeing it. Help! And thank you...

Found it. There is an obscured note in the margin of folio 57 (image 190) that states that the entry can be found on the backside of folio 85 (image 219).

Excellent! Yes, now I see it but I certainly didn't see it before. And I was looking right at it. Thank you very much. I already knew the information, but it drives me crazy when I can't find the record.

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