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By Cindy Roberts - Posted on 11 November 2019

Hi everyone, my name is Cindy Pesqueda Roberts and it's very nice to meet you. I found this group when I happened upon the Mexican Genealogy Facebook page, and I am so thankful for these groups. I began doing a little genealogy research several years ago, but started actively doing more after our oldest son bought DNA kits for us for Christmas. It is so addicting. I try do some research any chance I get, but it's never as often as I'd like. I've gotten quite a few names on all my branches but just recently decided to go back and concentrate on my paternal line and confirm that everything that I have is correct before moving on. I'm also trying to fill in a lot of missing pieces. I believe that our surname was originally Esqueda and if I'm correct, it changed to Pesqueda sometime between my great-grandfather, Andres Pesqueda (b. abt. 1874), and my great-great grandfather, Rafael Esqueda/Pesqueda (b. abt. 1828). I'm still trying to find more documentation to confirm (or deny) this theory. According to my father, his siblings, and his cousins, the family was from Los Potreros and Aguascalientes. I have not been able to find Rafael's birth/baptismal record or Andres' marriage record. If anyone could point me in another direction of where to find these records I would be ever so grateful.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this group. And thanks in advance for any information, guidance, and support you can give.

Rafael Pesqueda cc. Ynes Rodriguez
1842 – 1947 • LB77-GF5
According to his IM his parents are Francisco Pesqueda and Maria Josefa Gertrudis Andrade (Andrada)
Ynes Rodriguez 15yo orig. from Potreros parents: Francisco Rodriguez and Clara Cruz

Jose Andres Cerafin Luz was born in 1880

Maybe there are two Andres. I believe that there is a Luis Pesqueda married to Aguilar who according to other ancestry trees father is Francisco. Sometimes Luz was changed to Luis.

It looks like many of your relatives went to Potreros but were for a long while in Guanajuato.
Potreros, San Francisco, Angamacutiro de la Unión, Michoacán, Mexico. Not sure if the ones in early 1650's in Aguascaliente.s are the same family.

As for your Rafael with Ynes Rodriguez that is complicated. Only two children have her as mother but what gets complicated is that when one of them passes they have Rafael Pesquedo and Enes Rodriguez as parents and not any of the other surnames.

I have a grandmother who has gone by the name of rosalia Lira, alvarado, de la cruz, Dias and saucedo. I've been searching years so I can find her real name/s

Hopefully some small piece is not what you already have.

George, thank you so much for the instruction on how to search the catalog on Ancestry. I did not know that existed. A while back, I did discover the catalog on Family Search and figured out that if I had the film number and the date to search for, I could find the actual image of the record I was searching for . I've actually gotten quite good at it.

One problem I'm having however is that I'm not familiar with the geography of all the towns, ranches, etc. so I'm not even sure where Los Potreros is in Mexico. Could you help me with that?


Wow! I am so excited to see this new information. I cannot thank you enough for sharing it with me. I was back in the 1600's on the Pesqueda line but the whole reason for me going back to my great, great grandfather was because I just felt like something was off. I think this just might be the missing piece I was looking for. I will start researching this over the next few days and see where it leads.

Thanks again!



There is a website that can be helpful.

After you search for a location, scroll past the results at the top (this could be about hotels, restaurants, and so on) and you will get to a section that gives you information on the specific locations.

George, thank you for this information! As soon as I get more time I will check it out.


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