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Looking for origins of Rafael Duran

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By eduran74 - Posted on 03 October 2019

Hola parientes, I am currently stuck. I am looking for any baptismal records for Rafael Duran. Rafael is my 4th great-grandfather. I found his matrimonial record of his marriage to Dolores Aguilera on the 23rd of February 1800:

I'm stuck because the record states "padres no conocidos" so his parents are not listed. With Dolores he goes on to have many children born in Calvillo, Aguascalientes. Does anyone have any potential leads I can follow? My hunch is he was born some time around 1775-1777. I've search in Zacatecas, Aguascalientes and Jalisco. The closest I've found is Josef Rafael Duran baptized in Teocaltiche, Jalisco in 1777:

Thank you,

Ernesto Duran

Dear Ernie,
Here is Nepomuceno’s marriage record. It clearly shows that Nepomuceno is the son of Felipe and not Joseph Rafael:

Nepomuceno is the son of Felipe Escoto and María Juaquina Marin

Francisca Garcia is the daughter of Margarito (Margaro) Garcia and Maria Josefa Nabejas.

If Felipe was Jose Rafael Escoto’s brother then Nepomuceno would not descend from Bartola Flores. In combination with what you have found with DNA ancestry test results, it leads us to the conclusion that Felipe is the son of Jose Rafael Escoto and Maria Bartola Flores.

Another tidbit is that both the Escotos and the Marins have ancestors from Genoa. The Escotos and Marins descend from Genoese businessmen that went to Sevilla. These lines are why you show a little Italian AncestryDNA.

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