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By stephtrl - Posted on 05 September 2019

Hi my name is Stephanie Mendoza-Terrell,
I am looking for any information about my great-grandmother Jacinta Balcorta (Balcarte). She was married to a Pablo Sanchez from Zacatecas, most likely Tepetongo. I believe they were married in Zacatecas but I am not sure. All we know of Jacinta Balcorta was that she died when my grandmother was very young so she does not remember her mother. Jacinta was born in Mexico and married Pablo in Mexico but I don’t know where. They arrived in Los Angeles, Ca in 1905. I believe she was born sometime between 1872-1876.
Pablo Sanchez was born in 1872-1876. His father was Dario Sanchez and his mother was Elena Tinajero.

If anyone has any information please contact me.

Hello Stephanie,

Jacinta Balcorta Martz.

Baptized 28 Aug 1870

Image page #200

Source Image link:

Parents: Francisco Balcorta ad Rosalia Martinez (Martz)

Paternal grandparents: Rafael Balcorte and Maria Refugio Marcario

Rafael Balcorte’s parents are Juan Bautista Balcorte and Maria De La Luz Garcia (This couple is from San Luis Potosí)

Juan Bautista (Baptista) is the son of José Matias Balcorta and Juana Petra B.?
Maria De La Luz Garcia is the daughter of Jose Eusebio Garcia and Maria Josefa Delgado (Gil?)

Maria Refugio Marcario is the daughter of, depending on the record, (1) Gregorio Marcario and Apolonia Lopez, or (2) Apolonio Marcario and Gregoria Lopez.

Maternal grandparents: Susano (Luciano?) Martinez And Brígida Ruiz? Rivas?


Pablo Sanchez Tinajero

Baptized 12 Jun 1869


Parents: Dario Sanchez Carillo and Elena Tinajero Soriano

Family tree link:

Through Pedro you descend from Lope Ruiz De Esparza and Ana Francisca Gabai Moctezuma (descent from Moctezuma II). I have done much work on this line.

I couldn’t find a marriage record.

Good Luck,
Rick A. Ricci

Thank you so much. I do know of Francisco Balcorta and Rosalia Martinez, however the dates are a little off. My grandmothers (Jacinta's daughter) birth certificate and a 1910 census states that Jacinta Balcorta was born in approximately 1874. Do you think they may have gotten the dates wrong? I do think that is her family but I've never been sure.
Do you have any other information about Jacinta? maybe a death certificate? I found 4 birth certificates for children she had in California with Pablo Sanchez.
Pablo Sanchez remarried in 1914 to Cornelia Samaniego. As far as I know Cornelia was his cousin.
I am going to research all the names you gave me. I appreciate your help.

The clues that I followed were the records of the children and grandchildren so the information that I posted is correct. It is common for there to be a small discrepancy in dates when records are “approximate”.

Rick A. Ricci

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