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Isabel Anda-Altamirano

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By superhorrible - Posted on 30 August 2019


Estoy buscando la fuente documental para comprobar la union entre Isabel de Anda-Altamirano (casada con Francisco Prieto Gallardo en 1659) y sus "padres" Juan de Anda-Altamirano y Juana Ruiz de Nava. Esa informacion la he visto en varios blogs pero no se como llegaron a esa conclusion. Inclusive el libro de Retonos tiene esa informacion pero desgraciadamente el autor no incluyo la fuente.

Cualquier informacion la agradeceria mucho


susana L

Are you able to connect her to any siblings?

That is my problem. I know that she is definetly part of the family but so far the only ANDA RELATED people mentioned if all the records that I have are:
1. Esteban de Anda and Maria de Nava (MARRIAGE- godparents in her marriage- Teocaltiche- 1659)
2. Sebastian Altamirano de Castilla (BAPTISM - godparent of one of her kids baptized in Aguascalientes- 1677)
3. Bernabe Altamirano y Castilla (BAPTISM- godparent of one of her kids baptized in Aguascalientes- 1679)
4. Lic. Joseph de Anda (confirmation- godfather of one of her kids - Teocaltiche 1666)
5. Maria de Nava (Confirmacion- godmother of one of her kids - Teocaltiche 1666)

In none of the records there is even a clue of how they were related with her. I don't know if I'm missing a document. I know that when "her father" died didn't leave a will (juan de Anda), and I haven't been able to find the will (if any) from "her mother" (Juana Ruiz de Nava). I already verified all the confirmations for Teocaltiche or Lagos without any success. I'm not aware of any census for the years for that area (about 1631-1633) . I read the capellania that isabel and Francisco Prieto left, she doesn't mention her parents. I just don't know where else to look. Thank you so much for asking!


sus L

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