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Ocegueras in Tamazula

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By gaby.barbosa - Posted on 24 June 2019

It makes me sad that a lot of my ancestors from Tamazula came from Cotija and I can't find anymore information.

In this case my ancestor was from Sahuayo according to his marriage record, it also mentions that they received a dispensation from the Bishop.... it must have been from Guadalajara, but I can't find anything on that year on the dispensations page nor their IM (Informacion Matrimonial) which would probably have the information on the relatives.

Any information you guys may know or have is appreciated

The persons in question are:

José María Oceguera 963L-Z3J​​
Marriage: 07 MAY 1849
San Francisco,Tamazula De Gordiano
Maria Lorenza Alvarez (o Arreguin) Contreras K26Y-287


I did not find María Lorenza Alvarez using the surname Arreguin. I did find a record where she has the surname “Alcaras” instead of “Alvarez” .

The marriage record states that they are related in the third degree, so that means that they are second cousins. A grandparent of the bride is a sibling of grandparent of groom.

Rick A. Ricci

wife of second cousin 2x removed of Dolores Gutierrez wife of Chet Castanon (My mother)
baptism 18 Aug 1868 in Tamazula, Jalisco
Maria born in Cofradia 4 days old
parents: Jose Maria Oceguera and Lorenza Alvarez
pat grn: Juan Oceguera and Gertrudis Galves
mat grn: Manuel Alvarez and Guadalupe Contreras
padrinos: Apolinario Barbosa and Lina Rodrigues
source: 0225992 film
page 233 Family search online
baptism 11 Dec 1870 in Tamazula, Jalisco
Leocadia born 9 Dec 1870 in Cofradia 2pm
parents: Jose Maria Oceguera and Lorensa Alcaras
padrinos: Rafael Jazo and Teresa Jazo
source: 0225992 film
page 495 Family search online
5th cousin of Dolores Gutierrez wife of Chet Castanon
(Severiano was the son of Jose Maria and Lorensa)

baptism 26 July 1899 in Tamazula, Jalisco
J. Carmen (M) born in Cofradia 18 July 1899 8am
parents: Severiano Oceguera and Ma. Merced Barbosa
padrinos: Martin Barbosa and Hilaria Moreno his wife
source: 225999 film
page 203 Family search online

This is one of my brick walls :( that dispensation would have helped a lot

I think that you have followed the wrong Manuel Alvarez and Guadalupe Contreras. There are two couples with these names in Tamazula, Jalisco.. The Alcaras is also used in the family that you should be following. The Arreguin surname is used by the family of the second couple also named Manuel Alvarez and Maria Guadalupe Contreras.

José María Oceguera 28 when married in 7/May /1849
(Parents Juan Jose Oceguera and Maria Gertrudis Galvez)

María Lorenza Alvarez(Alcaraz) 16 when married on 7/May/ /1849
(Parents Jose Manuel Alvarez (Alcaras) and Maria Guadalupe Contreras)

The marriage record states that they are second cousins, so a grandparent of the bride is a sibling of grandparent of groom.

Jose Manuel Alvarez (Alcaras)and Maria Guadalupe Contreras
Married 30 Dec 1789in Sayula, Jalisco image 217 out of 300

José Manuel Alcaras (Alvarez) is the son of Juan Manuel Alcaras and Antonia Margarita Gómez

(m. 17 Feb 1754, Sayula, Jalisco)

María Guadalupe Contreras ( bap. 11 Dec 1775, Sayula, Jalisco, Mexico) is the daughter of Phelipe Contreras and Andrea Dolores Cardenas (m. 13 Feb 1752)

Rick A. Ricci

Thank you for this contribution :)

Have a great day!!!

Your welcome,

Here are some more of your ancestors:

Phelipe Neri Contreras (baptized 6/June/1731, Sayula, Jalisco; married to Andrea de los Dolores Cardenas marriage: 13 February 1752, Sayula, Jalisco
Image 93 out of 395

Phelipe Neri is the son of Manuel Contreras and Catharina de Avalos, married 20/Nov1719 in Sayula, Jalisco
Image 86 out of 291
No parents listed in marriage record.

Andrea De los Dolores (bap. 21/Feb/1735 Sayula, Jalisco) is the daughter of Sebastian Cardenas and Leonor (Leonora) Anguiano y Corona (married 11/March/1734).

Rick A. Ricci

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