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By gaby.barbosa - Posted on 04 June 2019

Hola Prim@s

I was looking at the record below where a good samaritan offers information about a dispensation, where could I find the actual record? can someone guide me?

There is a marriage dispensation requested on 25 Sept. 1739 in Zapotlan, Jalisco. Don Carlos Mungia from Tinquindin, living in Tamazula many years, over 43 years. He is a widower of Dona Maria Gertrudis Maciel buried in San Juan Periban. Married
Dona Theresa Coria y Peralta from Tamazula, she was 22 years old. Her parents are Don Antonio Coria and Dona Antonia de Villasenor. Marriage dispensation in 4th degree. Don Carlos's mother was Maria Mollinedo Villasenor.
This source came from #768760 Morelia, Michoacan dispensations 1739-1740 page 203 Familysearch online.


Dolores Gutierrez is my Mother:
4th Great Grandfather of Dolores Gutierrez wife of Chet Castanon
baptism 18 Dec 1691 in San Francisco, Angamacutiro de la Union, Michoacan Mexico
Carlos Juan
parents: Antonio Munguia and Maria Mollineda Villasenor
source; 608779. film
marriage dispensation requested 25 Sept 1739 in Zapotlan, Jalisco
Don Carlos Munguia y Villela from Tinquindin living in Tamazula many years age 43
widower of Dona Maria Gertrudis Maciel buried in San Juan Periban
with Dona Theresa Coria y Peralta from Tamazula age 22
parents: Don Antonio Coria deceased and Dona Antonia de Villasenor
marriage dispensation in 4th degree
parents: Bartolome Nunes Hidalgo and Marta Rincon
Leonor Nunes Rincon....Ynes Nunes Rincon
Juana Villasenor.............Matias Villasenor
Maria Mollineda................Antonia Villasenor
Carlos Munguia................Teresa Corea

source: 768760 Morelia, Michoacan dispensations 1739-1740
page 203 Familysearch online
marriage 15 Nov 1739 in Tamazula, Jalisco
Carlos Munguia from Tamazula
with Dona Theresa de Coria from Tamazula
grandparents not listed
witness: Don Benito Ochoa, Juan Manuel Dias and others
godparents; Don Antonio Villasenor and Dona Ana Munguia
source: 226026 film
page 84 Family search online
6th Great Grandfather of Dolores Gutierrez wife of Chet Castanon
4) Juan de Munguia cc ??? Villegas.

(5) Fernando (Hernando) de Munguia y Villegas cc ???

(6) Antonio Munguia cc Maria de Mollinedo de Santa Cruz y Villasenor

(7) Carlos Juan [Carlos I] Munguia cc Maria Antonia Theresa de Coria y Villasenor,

(8) Carlos Yldephonso De La Trinidad Munguia Coria [Carlos II]
source: information shared by R.A. Ricci

Thank you Linda for providing the answer to Ana’s question and citing me as the source. I wrote a short response to Ana and was just about to submit it when I discovered that you had already provided the details.

Dear Ana,
Here is the link to a marriage dispensation:

Don’t believe the family tree that some people post which shows Manuel Coria Peralta as the son of Conquistador Diego Coria. He was a descendant of his, but not his son. Manuel Coria Peralta Regado descends from the Lopez Peralta family. Through this line you will find French ancestry in your dna.

Manny Diez Hermosillo, Daniel Serena Valencia, Enrique Agraz. Marcelina-Fabiola Macias and other genealogists contributed greatly to my research on these lines.

See the following link to see a thread of our discussion on the Mollinedo Villasenor Munguia and Coria lines:

See the following link to see a thread on a discussion on the Coria Peralta Regado ancestry :

Rick A. Ricci
Source: book Mygenes2000

Thank you E

Thanks for the link! and all the additional info. I havent gotten around to checking those other records you cited, but often take with a grain of salt what I see on family search without a legit reference.

I will check out the Coria Peralta Regado ancestry thread...

Can you send me a link to your books, I really want to buy one!

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