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By Mignmar85 - Posted on 22 May 2019

Hi all,

I found the word amosia on a death certificate. It states that he is survived by his esposa, followed by her name. Then, it states y su amosia followed by another woman's name. I tried to look up the definition. But was unsuccessful. Has anyone else encountered this word before? Also listed as a survivor is his daughter.

Dear Martha,

I am also curious to find out what amosia means. I looked for an answer to your question through many dictionaries, but was unsuccessful. Please copy the link and paste the death record here so that I can review it and look for more clues.

Rick A. Ricci

Are you sure that the word is amosia? Do you have a link for us to see the word?


I think the word would be limosna, or alms. If you add a link to the record, we can confirm.

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