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Testamentos in XVIII century

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By gaby.barbosa - Posted on 21 May 2019

Dear prim@s:

I have seen records of wills on Family Search for Jalisco, but I am wondering if there is an index somewhere, or anyone has done any work on these? let's say if a death records shows that the person left a will, what are the chances of finding it? and if so, which resources could I use to do so?

Thank you in advance

Gaby B.

same here

Unfortunately there is not an index that I am aware of. They are great sources and at some point, it would be great if we could put a group together to index them the way we've done with Guadalajara Dispensas and Valladolid Dispensas. Same can be said for the Archivo de Instrumentos Publicos, that stores the information about land ownership. Most of it is now online, but not yet indexed. Actually, that one does have an index, found here: Film # 007984423

but the index does not correspond with familysearch microfilm numbers or order at all. It will give you an idea for who is in the documents though.

Hope this helps!

Sergio Salés

I noticed that on that index after the Libros it continues with Legajos en then it goes into multiple books at once which is really confusing. Also, some of the films in Tierras y aguas say legajos sueltos and they're not in the index. Do you know what to make of that?


I worked on index that you mentioned (FIL# 269867) so far I have the following films identified:
277579 VOL 1
270080 VOL 2
277581 VOL 3
277582 VOL 4
277583 VOL 5
277584 VOL 6
277585 VOL 7
277586 VOL 8
277587 VOL 9
277588 VOL 10
277590 VOL 12
277591 VOL 13
277592 VOL 14

I hope this helps

Sus L



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