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Sancho de Renteria

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By superhorrible - Posted on 09 February 2019

I'm hoping that someone can help me. I was looking at some trees online and I found a tree with SANCHO DE RENTERIA family. This tree had attached some images from two Books, unfortunately without the names of the books. One of them looks like PROTOCOLOS, and the other one deaths in Guadalajara.
One book reads:
1627. Peticion de Sancho de Renteria Alcalde Mayor que fue del pueblo de Juchipila, para que certifique no haber muerto, durante el termino de su cargo, ninguna persona interesada, ni haberse dejado legados para Espana.- 3fs

Other book reads:
326 - 14 noviembre de 1661 - murio "Dona francisca de Renteria" - viuda de Francisco Rodriguez Ponze" - se enterro en la Catedral - testo ante "Diego perez de Ribera" Escribano Real y Publico - albaceas " franco (francisco) rs (Rodriguez)" Ponze su hijo y miguel de Renteria su hermano: - herederos "Don francisco Rodriguez ponze y dona catalina de renteria y ponse sus hijos".

I would appreciated any help



Hi Sus,

I was tracking Francisca de Renteria, hija de Sancho Renteria Mojica cc Angela de Velasco, since I have an ancestor with that same name, and I wanted to see if there was any connection. Here’s Francisca’s burial:

Her sister was Maria de Renteria cc Francisco Palomino Rendon Narvaez. I have the Renteria’s originating in Lepe, Huelva, Spain, though I don’t know where I got that.

Here’s a link to the protocolos de Guadalajara.

Good luck!
Manny Diez Hermosillo

Hi Sus and Manny,

I can't be of much help, but I have also been looking into this family. I have seen a few different sources that might offer some clues. First, I think that there were at least 3 Sancho Renterias living in Nueva Galicia in the 16th century. There is one who is the son of Juan de Renteria, alcalde mayor of Zacatecas cc. Elvira de Pereira y Rivera, who died as a child in 1565. Second there is Sancho de Renteria the alcalde mayor of Mexticacan who was born around 1534. Third, is the Sancho de Rentería Mujica who was teniente de alcalde in Juchipila cc. Angela de Velasco Flores de la Torre and son of the previous Sancho.

The three separate Sancho's are clarified most by information in the book La Inquisición en la Nueva Galicia, specifically in two separate trials. If you search Renteria you will find the relevant sections:

In the trial for Diego Flores de la Torre a witness is Sancho de Renteria, alcalde mayor of Mexticacan, about 60 yo, who said his son was married to a daughter of Diego's (i.e. Sancho Renteria Mujica cc Angela Velasco). There is also a witchcraft trial involving a Sancho Renteria who dies as a child in 1565. He is the son of Juan de Renteria alcalde mayor of Zacatecas cc Elvira Pereira daughter of Diego de Rivera.

In the AGI via PARES searching "Renteria" you can also find an información de oficio y parte for Juan de Renteria cc. hija de Diego de Rivera un the section for the Audiencia de México.

As a side note, in the Indiferente General section there is a lisencia for Juan de Renteria canónigo of iglesia de Valladolid, Michoacán. I believe he later became the bishop of Caceres in the Philippines and was cited as an illustrious relative for the canon Diego Flores de la Torre in the limpieza that is held in the Bancroft Library at UCB.

Lastly, the book Poder Religión y Sociedad en Guadalajara has a tree of the Rodriguez Ponce family that does not correctly identify Francisca de Renterias mother, but it does raise the question of the relationship of the Renterias with Hernando de Mujica the contador of Guadalajara who married Francisca the daughter of Diego Porres Baranda and Catalina Temiño de la Mota.

If anyone has any further information about these Sancho's or the Mujica family's connection for the Renterias I would be grateful. Hope this helps a bit too!


I descend from Sancho de Renteria the alcalde mayor Mexticacan. I have him in my records as the son of Hernando de Moxica, the contador of Guadalajara. I don’t have a source added to the information so I don’t know where this information came from. I would appreciate any additional information that you can provide on him. I don’t have Hernando Moxica’s wife or Sancho’s mother listed in my records

Rick A. Ricci

I descend from Sancho de Renteria through his daughter Francisca de Renteria and her husband, Francisco Rodriguez Ponce. While I don't have Sancho's parents, I do have some documents pertaining to some of his grand-children and such:

  • Informaciones: Francisco Rodriguez Ponce - 1647
  • MERITOS: Diego Flores de la Torre - 1674
  • MERITOS: Pedro de Vidarte y Pardo - 1682

  • Daniel Serna Valencia

    Hi Manny,

    Thank you so much for the information. I'm going to look at the links. Please keep me inform if you come up with any other info about the elusive "Sancho de Renteria"



    Hi Richard,

    Thank you so much for the explanation about "all" the sanchos. And the links for the books where I can find more information. If I come up with any other information, I will provide it.

    Thank you again


    I have four people named Sancho De Rentería that lived in the 1500’s and early 1600’s in Nueva Galicia.

    The Sancho Rentería that is the son of Juan Renteria and Juana Pereira is not my ancestor.

    The other three “Sancho De Rentería” listed here are my ancestors.

    1). Sancho de Rentería is the son, or son=in -law, of : Hernando Mujica, “contador de Guadalajara” and “Francisca Porres Baranda y Temiño de la Mota. “ I do not have a wife for this Sancho. Sancho’s son:

    2).Sancho de Rentería Mujica (Moxica, Mohica) and Angela Velasco (De la Torre). I Repeat the fact that this Sancho has grandparents named Hernando Mujica, “contador de Guadalajara” and “Francisca Porres Baranda y Temiño de la Mota. [It is unknown to me whether they are his paternal or maternal grandparents.]. Sancho and Angela’s son:

    3)Capitán Sancho de Rentería y Velasco and Águeda Del Río y Losa (Águeda descends from both Gines Vasquez De Mercado who is honored every year in Spain for his generosity, and Bernardo Vasquez De Tapia, well known people during their lifetimes.)

    Rock A. Ricci


    According to several trees online Capitan Sancho de Renteria cc Agueda del Rio de la Loza is the son of Sancho de Renteria cc Angela Velasco.

    The problem is that I can't find any source to make this connection. Does anyone know how to link these two Sanchos?

    I have now some informacion about Sancho de Renteria father (cc Angela Velasco), but first I need to make the connection with the son.



    I've never seen a direct source for this either, but Sancho and Agueda had a daughter named Angela de Velasco cc Juan del Campo de la Torre. Their daughter (my ancestor) Juana de la Torre cc Miguel de Olague uses most of the surnames from the female sides of her family - Gamboa, del Rio, Mojica, and Velasco.

    I don't have the link to Agueda del Rio's will, but if you haven't seen it she names her daughter there

    ~ Andrea

    Thank you so much Andrea for the information.
    Do you know if there is any documentation linking Sancho de Renteria (cc Agueda del Rio ) to any of the sisters?



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