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"Placed in Home of" "Pusto en casa de"

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By MiguelNR - Posted on 29 December 2018

Hello, one of my ancestors, Vicente Richarte, is listed in his 14 Feb 1745 Aguascalientes marriage record to Ma. Josefa Ximenes as being of "padres no conocidos," but placed/puesto in the home of Melchor Richarte.


Does this mean that there was likely no biological connection between the child and parent? Is the child in such cases usually an orphan or foundling? Or was this some way of bringing a "natural" biological son into a household?

Tengo antepasado, Vicente Richarte, de Aguascalientes quien fue de padres "no conocidos," pero quien fue puesto en la casa de Melchor Richarte. Indica esto que Vicente and Melchor no tenian ninguna relacion biologica?

It's hard to say. i have two ancestors that are both expuestos in the house of other people. one, i'm 99% sure has no blood relation to the family that they were placed in. and the other person, i'm 99% sure is a blood relative and most likely a child or niece of the family that took them in. you kind of have to go through all the records of their children and the other children in the family to see how closely they interacted and whether any mention of them is made in informacion matrimoniales and other records.

Thanks, that is great advice.

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