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By apozolco - Posted on 16 November 2018

Hola primos,

I happened to find this website while doing research. it's map website where it shows all the pueblos & ranchos of Mexico. The closer you come in the more ranchos pop up. This is exciting for me. I now see how far the various pueblos & ranchos are from my ancestor's original town.
I think this is a great tool. I hope you feel the same way.


It looks good, but I wouldn’t use it by itself. I would cross check it with another source. I use Google Maps,, and IIEG Jalisco. The IIEG site also allows one to download modern maps of individual municipios: Atotonilco, Arandas, Ayotlan, Degollado, Jesus Maria, La Barca, and so on.

Over the past couple hundred years the region has experienced at least a couple of major political upheavals, large-scale land reform, and sweeping economic and demographic changes. Many ranchos, estancias, and haciendas underwent name changes over time as properties were bought, sold, inherited, swallowed up or split up. I think some places were simply abandoned and forgotten. Many places also happen to share the same names others. It can be frustrating to try to pinpoint a modern location for some ranchos of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. It would be a treat for many of us, I am sure, if there were a detailed historical atlas of the entire region.

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