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Medinilla de Alvarado Clues

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By richardibarra92 - Posted on 31 October 2018

While I was paging through some of the notary records from Guadalajra, I stumbled upon a couple of entries relating to the Medinilla de Alvarado family. I have kept an eye out for them because I believe at least two Medinillas left descendants in Los Altos (who are also my ancestors), however the relationship is still somewhat fuzzy. I think that these records give some clues and give me hope that there is a document out there still that might clear all this up. If anyone has stumbled on any other clues, please share!

First, what I found:

I have not had a chance to sit and read through the somewhat blurry and difficult script, so I would appreciate anything someone might be able to add to my quick summaries.

Negotiation between Hernando de Alvarado and Jose de Medinilla Alvarado (hijo natural of Pedro de Medinilla Alvarado, difunto brother of Hernando) over property currently held by Dona Beatriz de Medinilla Alvarado (hija legitima).

A similar negotiation between Hernando, Beatriz, and Magdalena de Medinilla Alvarado (another illegitimate child of Pedro de Medinilla).

Lastly, further discussion of some houses in Guadalajara inherited by Beatriz de Medinilla Alvarado (who had now died without a will) which Jose de Medinilla Alvarado (sobrino of Hernando de Alvarado) and Dona Isabel de Medinilla Alvarado (heiress of Hernando de Alvarado) intend to split.

This is not confirmed, but I believe this Pedro de Medinilla Alvarado was an Alcalde Ordinario of Guadalajara and a son of Pedro de Medinilla and Isabel de Alvarado. This would also make sense given that Pedro and Isabel had a son named Hernando de Medinilla Alvarado (bapt. 9 Mar 1541 ) who could be the Hernando de Alvarado mentioned in the notary records. If that is the case then it provides some evidence that the Pedro de Medinilla Alvarado in Guadalajara had children.

Here is how I think they connect to Los Altos families:

The first connection would be through Maria de Medinilla married to Juan Yanez del Monte, residents of Nochistlan and the ancestors of a large family (including Aramburu / Arambula, Ponce de Leon,etc. This Maria may be a granddaughter or daughter of the Pedro de Medinilla Alvarado who lived in Guadalajara.

The other possible connection is through the Vanegas de Torres. The Vanegas families of Jalostotitlan, San Juan de los Lagos, Tepatitlan, and Ayo el Chico seem to be descended from the 4 illegitimate children of Jose Vanegas de Torres cc Catalina del Castillo Villasenor. His wife's death record (3 Sep 1694 in Tepatitlan) lists Jose's children however neither his marriage ( ) nor his death (28 May 1692 in Tepatitlan) give his parents names. His marriage lists him as a resident of Juanacatlan.

I believe that Jose is likely the son of Andres Vanegas de Torres, a prominent resident of Guadalajara listed as a receptor, and Isabel de Medinilla. Andres and Isabel had a number of children baptized in Guadalajara. Andres's father was another Andres Vanegas de Torres, native of Granada, who was a corregidor, alcalde mayor, and escribano who I believe baptized a number of children with a Juana Baptista in Guadalajara in the early 1600's.

It is possible that the Isabel de Medinilla Alvarado mentioned in one of the notary records above is the same as the Isabel de Medinilla who married Andres Vanegas de Torres.

There is still a lot missing here. I would love to hear what you all think and whether you have come across any other pieces to this puzzle!


I should also give a big thank you to Manny Diez whose post about the Avalos folks showing up in a notary record in Guadalajara led me to these records!

Hi Richard,

Thank you for sharing this information and for starting a new thread on this family. Andrés Vanegas de Torres and Isabel de Medinilla are my 10th great grandparents on my mother's side. We descend from their daughter Ana Juliana Vanegas de Torres y Medinilla who was baptized on 28 Feb 1625 in Guadalajara. She married Fernando de Soto y Agredano ca. 1640, probably in Guadalajara and had numerous children. This line is interesting as their children would marry into the Ladrón de Guevara, Gómez de Aguilar, González de Rubalcaba, and Martínez de Basurto, just to name a few familiar names.

Do you have a source for Andrés Vanegas de Torres, from Granada? And any children he may have baptized? I was not aware of this, then again, I haven't been able to dedicate too much time to this line. As far as the link with Isabel, it is very interesting. The timeline, name and place fits. We'll need to find a dispensa, marriage or civil record that clearly establish the link between the Medinilla Alvarado and Vanegas de Torres, but I think you are on the right track. Medinilla is not a very common name in the virreinato, so it is bound to be them.

Best Regards,

Daniel Méndez de Torres y Camino

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for sharing about the Soto Agredano, they seem like an interesting family! I came across Fernando in one of the protocolos too and wanted to pass it along. The following page has his signature:

With regard to Andres Venegas de Torres there are a number of documents on PARES. If you search "Andres Venegas" between 1500 and 1650 you should be able to find them. There is an inventario de bienes in the Audiencia de Mexico section listing the many offices he held and that he was a native of Granada. In the Casa de la Contratación section there is his petición dated 1576 which lists his father as Lic. Antonio de Venegas, abogado of the Real Audiencia of Granada, and Dna Francisca de Torres. The digitized images also state his paternal grandparents were Rodrigo de Venegas and Isabel de Alcazar. He came over as a criado of Ruy Diaz de Mendoza, the tesorero of Mexico City. Under Patronato Real there is the otorgacion of escribano de Indias which lists him as resident of Guadalajara un Nueva Galicia in 1602.

Because of the date he received the privilege of escribano de Indias, I believe he is the Andres Venegas who baptized two daughters in Guadalajara with Juana Baptista: Alfonsina (1602), Francisca (1604). I also believe that he had two sons: Pedro Venegas de Torres, who seems to be the right age to be his son and who shows up as a padrino or testigo in some records, and Andres Venegas de Torres who is listed in the death record of the older Andres as his albacea and shows up as a procurador and receptor in a number of notary records after the earlier Andres's death.

I believe this second Andres was the husband of Isabel de Medinilla. They baptized Juana (1625), Nicolas (1628), Luisa (1629), and Beatriz (1631) in Guadalajara. I have not found any definitive record linking Jose Venegas de Torres to Andres and Isabel, who given the approximate date of his birth based on his marriage may be a late son or grandson of Andres and Isabel.

This is the Jose who was a resident of Juanacatlan during the time of his marriage and lived and died in the jurisdiction of Tepatitlán and left 4 known illegitimate children who seem to be the origin of a large number of the Vanegas in the area of Jalostotitlan, Tepatitlán, Ayo el Chico, and San Juan de los Lagos. They intermarried with the Sanchez de Mendoza-Castaneda, Sanchez Carranza, Sanchez de Mendoza Orozco, Escoto Tovar, and Avalos families.

I have a feeling the answer is out there, if we could find the will of Pedro Medinilla Alvarado and Andres Venegas de Torres that might provide the answers we need. It is also possible that the notary record concerning Jose de Medinilla and his sister dona Isabel de Medinilla might mention her husband. I was not able to read thoroughly through any of the three documents I listed. If you or someone you know might be able to look them over then we might be more certain that the answer is somewhere else.

Thanks for your reply!


You’re welcome, Richard, for leading you to the protocolos. I’m glad I was able to assist. Here’s a link to the main page, in case you don’t already have it:

Here is another document with Joseph de Medinilla and Ysabel de Medinilla, partial owners of the houses that Pedro de Medinilla y Alvarado left, after his death. It looks like it says that the houses belonged to them as per the lawsuit that they brought against their uncle, Hernando de Alvarado, regarding the inheritance of Beatriz de Medinilla difunta, who died intestate? It’s dated 15 May 1637:

Here’s Andres Venegas the younger, giving his wife, Ysabel de Medinilla, permission to sell a slave to Juan Moran:

His mother, Juana Bautista Lopez de la Paz, was daughter of Francisco Lopez de la Cruz cc Alfonsina de la Paz (if I recall, Daniel, you already descend from her sister, Catalina Lopez cc Luis Moreno de Monroy?). Here is Juana Bautista’s testamento, dated 3 Jul 1651, Guadalajara. Of their 8 children, only 3 were alive when she wrote her will: Andres Venegas de Torres, Alfonsina de la Paz Venegas, Francisca Venegas de Torres. Her albasea was her son, Andres Venegas:

One of the testigos was Francisco de la Cruz, whom I believe is son of my g9, Juan de la Cruz cc Francisca de Ayala y Renteria. I am trying to establish that Juan de la Cruz is also son of Francisco Lopez de la Cruz cc Alfonsina de la Paz.

I’ll continue posting any instances of these surnames here, as I find them.

Manny Diez Hermosillo

Hi Manny,

Thanks for adding these documents! The permission for Isabel de Medinilla Alvarado to sell a slave is the first time that I have seen her registered with the Alvarado, so that makes me believe even more that the Isabel de Medinilla Alvarado mentioned with Jose de Medinilla Alvarado is probably the same person as the one who married Andres Venegas de Torres.

Also, thanks for posting the testamento of Juana Bautista. The parish records I had looked at never mentioned her family name, so its great to know who her parents were and confirm that she was married to Andres Venegas de Torres the escribano.

I will also post anything else I find. I am currently going through Andres Vanegas de Torres's protocolos for the years 1619 and 1621.So far I haven't seen very many testamentos. I did find Francisco Bufreo Camarena's testamento though:


By the way, have you found any testamentos for any Ibarras? In the protocol that you posted with the Avalos folks I found a carta de dote for Juan del Castillo to marry Tomasina de Ibarra, daughter of Antonio de Ibarra cc Maria de Escobar, my 13th great-grandparents and residents of Teocaltiche.

Thanks again!



Thank you for providing these examples of documents in varios registries in PARES, what a wealth mine of information! I'll need to review these documents over the next few weeks and see what additional information I can find on the line. It would be interesting to see if we can work on the family line in Granada. The fact we know that the father was a oídor, can help us pinpoint further clues as to their ancestry. Regarding your Ibarra line, we are also related here. Antonio de Ibarra and Francisca de Gabay, Montes de Oca or Esparza (she used several names) are my 10th great grand uncle and aunt. I descend from Francisca's parents: Francisco Sánchez Rodríguez y Montes de Oca and Ana Tomasina Ruiz de Esparza. Here is their marriage record; you may have it already.

17 de agosto de 1639
Casé y velé Antonio de Ibarra hijo legítimo de Antonio de Ibarra y María de Escobar, él natural del pueblo de Teocaltiche con testimonio del cura del pueblo con Francisca Sánchez Gavai hija de Francisco Sánchez Montes de Oca, difunto y Ana Ruiz de Esparza, españoles, residentes en esta villa de Aguascalientes. Fueron sus padrinos de velación Diego Morán y María de la Xara. Fueron testigos Joan Sotelo, Pedro Velásquez, Antonio de Ibarra.


Thank you again for always being so willing to share your findings! Yes, I also descend from Catalina López de la Paz, this line would end up in Mexico City producing the mayorazgo de Moreno-Monroy and further marrying into the mayorazgo de Guerrero-Villaseca. It amazes me how small our ancestor's gene pool is relatively small, even with great distances within Mexico--we truly are related, time after time, across multiple lines. I was not aware of Juana Bautista López de la Paz, so this is exciting to see that I have another connection here thru the Vanegas de Torres. Thanks again for providing the link to the testamento. Could you provide further detail on your "de la Cruz" line, I'd like to return the favor and see if I can help or perhaps have some clues that help you.

Daniel Méndez de Torres y Camino

1. – Don Arias Díaz Messía, que vivió en el Solar de los Messía en Galicia en tiempos del rey Alfonso VI.

2. – Don Garci Díaz Messía, casó con doña Teresa Yánez de Fornelos.

3. – Don Arias Díaz Messía, sirvió al rey en la batalla de las Navas de Tolosa y que casó con doña Elvira de Ambia.

4. – Don Juan Arias Messía, tomó parte en la conquista de Córdoba, con el rey Fernando III, y que casó con doña Juana de Figueroa.

5. – Don Garci Diaz Messia, sirvió a los reyes Alfonso X y Sancho IV el Bravo, y que casó, en segundas nupcias, con doña Isabel de Mendoza.

6. – Don Gonzalo Messía, vivió en tiempos de Fernando IV y casó con doña Juana Osorio.

7. – Don Garci Díaz Messía, vivió en tiempos del rey Alfonso XI y casó con doña María de Guzmán

8. – Don Diego Gonzalo Messía, Señor De Loriana casó con María Sánchez de Sandoval Sotomayor.

9. – Doña Catalina Messía De Sandoval se casó con Juan De Alvarado Dávila “el Viejo” Bracamonte, comendador de Hornachos en la orden De Santiago.

10. – Don Diego Gómez de Alvarado y Mexía, comendador de Lobón,Puebla, Montijo y Cubillana, Maestresala de Enrique IV, General de la frontera de Portugal, casó por segunda vez con Leonor Contreras.

11. – Gómez “el viejo” de Alvarado y Contreras, Conquistador, casó con Bernardina de Frias.

12. – Dońa Isabel De Alvarado, Casado por primera vez con Guillen de la Lao, conquistador de la Nueva España, y en segundo matrimonio con Pedro Medinilla, regidor de la ciudad de México.
Yo desciendo de los dos matrimonios de Isabel Alvarado por la descendencia que dejó en Los Altos de Jalisco.

Source: my book mygenes2000

R.A. Ricci

(10) Diego de Alvarado Mexia had a first marriage prior to being married to Leonor Contreras y Gutierrez. His first marriage was to Teresa Suarez De Moscoso y Figueroa There was only one daughter from this first marriage, Isabel Suarez Alvarado De Figueroa, who married her cousin, Alonso Hernandez De Moscoso y Figueroa. Alonso and Isabel are the parents of Catalina De Alvarado y Figueroa who married Pedro Venegas y Quesada.

Rick A. Ricci

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