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Beatriz Delgado - wife of Pedro Calderon Solano and Antonio de Castro

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By andrea_e - Posted on 25 August 2018

Hello fellow researchers

I'm waiting for my mtDNA results and while I wait I'm trying to see if I can get my maternal line back a little bit further.

The earliest mother's mother's mother I can document using Family Search films is Beatriz Delgado, Spanish, born about 1595. She's the mother of Francisca de Rodas and Catalina Ponce who married in Tlaltenango. Both daughters are in my direct line, but my maternal line goes back through Catalina.

1636 - Francisca de Rodas with Rodrigo de Castro (left side entry has the parents)

1648 - Catalina Ponce and Manuel de Viera

Apparently, Pedro Calderon Solano passed away and Beatriz remarried with Antonio de Castro. I've read the online Tlaltenango marriage film and found nothing else relating to them, unless I missed it due to the hard-to-read handwriting. I don't believe Beatriz and Antonio de Castro had children.

Before I knew she was my ancestor, and back when I had an Ancestry free trial, I saw several trees which had Antonio de Castro (father of Rodrigo) married to a BRIGIDA Delgado about 1624 or 1634. Her parents were said to be Luis Delgado and Ana Flores Rubin from Guadalajara. It's Ancestry, so all the info looked copied from other trees and there were no real sources that I remember. But I see in the gedcom Luis Delgado and JUANA Flroes from Guadalajara with a son Juan Delgado Flores married in the 1630s in Tlaltenango. I was wondering if the info about Brigida/Beatriz came from anyone here or if anyone knew anything about a Brigida or Beatriz or had any sources to point to about her parentage or anything else that might help.

I know there was a Beatriz Delgado married to Martin Gonzales a generation or so earlier, so this one probably fits in there somehow.

Thanks in advance for any help
~ Andrea

Questions and comments:
1. Does anyone have located the death record of Beatriz Delgado?
2. Also I don't understand how the "Rodas" last name fits into this line. Both daughters use that last name. Any ideas?
3. I think is important keep in mind that Beatriz Delgado was also known as Beatriz Gonzalez.
I'm very interested in knowing more about the marriage that Andrea mentioned (Martin Gonzalez and Beatriz Delgado. (see baptism 3 may 1637)

Thank you so much


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