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Bacilia Delgado Dias Grandparents

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By sarod77 - Posted on 29 March 2018

While I believe I found Bacilia’s grandparents, I would really appreciate others opinions. Thanks
My third great grandmother most likely born in either pinos Zacatecas or Aguascalientes married Miguel. (their children are either given as Espanoles except one)

Bacilia Delgado Dias 1782–L75M-9BD cc 11 February 1804 Miguel Contreras 1780–L2W3-JKZ
1. Child: Jose Manuel Salvador Contreras
Padrinos: Santiago Dias and Micaela Gomes
2. Child Rafael de los Santos Contreras (parents given are Santiago Dias and Micaela Gomes
3. Child Maria Leandra Contreras
Padrinos: Don Santiago Dias y Manuela Delgado
4. Child Guadalupe (no birth record found marriage record found)
5. Tivurcio Contreras (PP: Castaneda and Arias)
6. Ysidro de Jesus Contreras (PP: Dn. Alvino Martines y Da. Maria Petra Martines de Sotomayor
7. Miguel Contreras (PP: Mariano Carreon y Petra Martines)
8. There are several more children but must be grandchildren as this couple had many switches of names and grandchildren grandparents.
Bacilia had a sister (just found it) named:

Petra Manuela Delgado
1793–Deceased • LBHK-L7Z
One of the testigos Santiago Dias de 66 Anos Espanol de Oficio Lavrador (¿) de Azogueros. He goes on to give testimony and ends that because he has a relationship that of grandfather (es nieta) does not stop me from telling the truth.
Because I know that his wife is Michaela Gomes, I was able to locate a record of them I had created some time ago. They were parents to Pedro Antonio Dias de Leon (don’t know where the de Leon came from). Which led me to their marriage record that has only his name as Joseph Santiago de Padres no Conocidos and later the dias de leon appears though the first had Santiago, and Antonia had Dias.

Don Joseph Santiago Diaz de Leon 1742– L2VD-WCD cc Dona Michaela Gomez 1746–
Marriage: November 1763 Pinos, Zacatecas, Mexico

Children (3)
1. Maria Gertrudis Dias de Leon Gomes
1765–Deceased • M3WH-B3L
2. Maria Antonia Diaz Gomes
1767–Deceased • M39G-XFQ
3. Pedro Antonio Dias de Leon


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