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Jilotlan De Los Dolores Records before 1800

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By Aaront1990 - Posted on 09 July 2017

Im researching-Torres, Valencia, Del Toro in JIlotlan de los Dolores Jalisco but I can't seem to find records before 1800. Is there another place where I should be looking instead. Is anyone else in this group researching I in that area of Jalisco?


Aaron Torres

Hi Aaron,

Where is Jilotlan de Los Dolores? What state is it in, and near what other cities?

Rick A. Ricci

Hi Aaron/Rick,

Jilotlan is a "border" town that's close to the Jalisco/Michoacan border on the Jalisco-side. It's not far away from Cotija, Tamazula, etc. In fact, the "cabecera" of Jilotlan was/is? Tamazula. During the colonial era, Jilotlan belonged to the jurisdiction of the "Obispado de Michoacan" Around 1795, the jurisdiction changed to that of "Obispado de la Nueva Galicia/Guadalajara".

As for its parochial records, prior to 1822, they no longer exist - the archive (pre-1822) was a tragic victim of the Mexican war of independence and the sacking and pillaging by the "insurgentes".

Like with Cotija, the only traces of information you'll find for inhabitants of Jilotlan (pre-1822) will be through the marriage dispensations (in the Obispado de Michoacan and Guadalajara) and any other number of wills/land grant documents, etc. Plus, whatever you can find around neighboring towns. (Check in Colima, Tamazula, Zapotlan el Grande(Ciudad Guzman), Ayo el Chico, etc.

I can tell you that a lot of Cotija families worked the land in and around Jilotlan. I've seen in more than one marriage dispensation where Cotija families would have their homes in Cotija and would travel to Jilotlan, valle de Mazamitla, Quitupan, etc. to work the land there during "la temporada de aguas" and would then go back to Cotija after "las aguas". Many of these Cotija families would eventually decide to settle in Jilotlan, Mazamitla, etc. given the access to much more fertile land, more rain, and less competition than they had back home in Cotija.

Daniel Serna Valencia

Hi Daniel,

Just my luck looks like all the places I'm researching pre-1800 records were destroyed, but I did find some records in the surrounding towns of Tamazula, Tepalcatepec, and Ciudad Guzman. That's really good information explains why they moved around a lot.

Thanks again Daniel appreciates the help.

Aaron Torres

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