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By lisa - Posted on 21 May 2017

Hi I was wondering why I can not see anything on GEDCOM? Is it not working?

Thanks Lisa

I asked that same question to our moderator Arturo Ramos 2 years ago and Arturo never bothered to answer me.

Nuestros Ranchos has gone downhill since Joseph Puentes left us.

Joseph de Leon

We have not been able to see GEDCOM for a long time, even before Joseph Puentes retired. We need an updated server for Nuestros Ranchos. My brother, a programmer, notified Puentes and Arturo Ramos about this problem several years ago.
Like you, I am disappointed that members can't use GEDCOM any more. Perhaps an update costs money. That would involve collecting dues from members, paying a programmer, etc. Since this is a peer sharing group, that's not practical.
Members put a lot of work into their GEDCOM trees. I found distant cousins that way. Now it's a lost treasure; we will continue our research without it.

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