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A Branch of Caldera from Jerez= Sanchez-Castellanos

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By juan francisco ... - Posted on 12 December 2016

According to DNA study a person who is descendent directlly to Maria Cid Caldera and Miguel Caldera matched with my DNA the Sanchez-Castellanos.

I can not connect the Caldera with Sanchez-Castellanos but DNA said the true.

could this be your Manuel and Guadalupe?
marriage information recorded 4 Jan 1764 in Monte Escobedo,Zac
Manuel Sanches Espanol from la Canada M.E. age 21
parents: Thomas Villanueva Sanches Castelllanos and Juana Clara Barragan both deceased
with Maria Guadalupe Ulloa Espanola age 22
parents: Lorenso Ulloa and Theresa Justa Duran
source: 1158240 film
page 453 Familysearch online
there is a Tetillas in Monte Escobedo, too. If this is your line I have the Sanchez Castellanos back to abt 1630 on Ancestry and Rootsweb. My file is called Mexico.

Linda Castanon-Long

by the way I do descend from Maria Cid Caldera with ties to Monte Escobedo, Tepetongo and Jerez as well as Colotlan, Jalisco

Thanks Linda, thats my line, but the point it is that this person with Lastname Caldera has the DNA of Sanchez-Castellanos.

According to the Sagrada Mitra in a dispensa Matrimonial Rollo
168009 O A H 2401 pt 2. 2358 pt. I.
Matnmonios Hoias Sueltos. Fechas
Varias y 1752-1753. 20 de octubre tle

Jerez. Zac Octubre 20 de 1752 Exp. 16 - Dispensa de cuarto grado puro de
consanguinidad - Francico Miguel Marquez;........Pedro Sid Caldera y su
esposa María Carillo, quienes tuvieron diversos hijos e hijas y entre éstas a
la madre de dicha María Rosales, de cuyo nombre no se acuerda, aunque si tiene
presente el haber sido casada con Joseph Carlos de Godoy, y entre otras hijas
haber tenido a la citada María Rosales, la que fue casada con Martín de Arceo,
los que tuvieron entre otros hijos e hijas a Clara de Arceo. madre del citado
Francisco Miguel Márquez. Y Clara Sid Caldera, hija legítima de los referidos
Pedro Sid Caldera y María Carrillo, hubo por su hijo natural a Nicolás Caldera,
quien casó con Leonor Rodarte, y durante su matrimonio procrearon por su
legítimo hijo a Nicolás Cruz Caldera, quien fue casado con Bárbara Casilda de
Ulloa. y de su matrimonio hubieron a Ana de Santiago Caldera pretensa....

As my cousin lastname is Caldera and descended from Nicolas Caldera and Clara Cid Caldera my hypothesis is that the possible father of Nicolas Caldera was (Manuel, Lorenzo, Nicolas or Joseph Sanchez-Castellanos y Haro)

Hello Juan,

That's the beauty of Y-DNA testing. It can provide people with a more solid hypothesis than pure documentation. Thank you so much for publicly sharing the information about the matching.

BigY testing along with a YFull analysis for both of you would provide a TMRCA such as many that are found at Notice that some are as recent as 50 years ago and some 350 years ago and so on. Unfortunately Alex Williamson doesn't do that for his tree but his service is free. The cost of the YFull analysis is very small, compared to the BigY, in return for a TMRCA.

I hope that your match can afford the BigY and is interested in a BigY test. It is on sale and there are $75 off coupons at

Also if more descendants of Nicolas Caldera and Clara Cid Caldera, but from different branches than the one your match descends from, were to get a Y67 or Y111 test and match the two of you then it would solidify the common ancestry of everyone that matches.


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