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Lope Ruiz de Esparza 'el menor' is the 3rd cousin to St. Francisco Javier de Jasso

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By Visitor - Posted on 28 September 2016

Lope Ruiz de Esparza 'el Menor' is the 3rd cousin of St. Francisco Javier de Jasso

1). Sancho Ruiz de Esparza, alcalde de la Corte Mayor de Navarra, his wife, Juana Zariquegui are the parents of Simon Ruiz de Esparza. Simon has a sister named Catalina Ruiz de Esparza that is the ancestor of Saint Francisco Javier (Jasso). See her line at the bottom of the page. This Catalina Ruiz de Esparza is not the same Catalina Ruiz de Esparza that had an affair and a daughter with King Charles II.

2). Simon Ruiz de Esparza b. Before 1495 and Graciana Huici (Vici) are the parents of Martin Ruiz de Esparza.

3). Martin Ruiz de Esparza y Huici (Vici), señor del palacio de Esparza (Galar), vecino de Pamplona and Maria de Espinosa (Spinosa) are the parents of Lope Ruiz de Esparza. Martin also has a son named Pedro Ruiz de Esparza.

We have lawsuits from Martin Ruiz de Esparza y Huici (Vici) against cousins and possibly in laws that are using the family name without his permission. His brothers, Lope and Pedro also sue distant cousins. Martin and his sons hold the prestigious titles of señor de Los palacios de Estrada and are suing and asking the court to defend their rights.

4). Lope Ruiz de Esparza (el mayor or el viejo) abogado de las Audiencias Reales, señor de los palacios de Esparza (Galar) y Zariquiegui vecino de Pamplona and Ana Diez de Eguino are not married. They have a (natural) son named Lope Ruiz de Esparza.

5) Lope Ruiz de Esparza (el menor) ( b.1569 d.14 Aug 1651 in Mexico, Distrito Federal) married in 1594 to Ana Francisca Gabai Moctezuma, a descendant of Moctezuma II. Lope has a brother named Capitan Andres Ruiz de Esparza (b.1542) that came to Mexico before Lope. There is a third brother named Pedro Ruiz de Esparza that stayed in Spain. I personally read a primary source document dated 1595 that identified Ana Francisca Gabai Moctezuma as a granddaughter (though it should have said Great granddaughter.)

Lope came over as a "personal assistant"(criado) to a descendant of King Charles III named Enrique de Mauleòn. Lope's ancestor Rodrigo was in the service Kings Charles II and King Charles III. Even though Lope Ruiz de Esparza is the son of a nobleman, he still was in the service of descendant of Charles III, through the Nabarro Enriquez Lacarra line. through another line, Enrique Mauleón descends from King Alfonso XI de Castilla. Enrique de Mauleòn is also a distant relative some of the founding families of Nueva Galicia through his ancestor named Carlos Arellano de Luna.

1). Sancho Ruiz de Esparza and Juana Zariquegui are the parents of Simon Ruiz de Esparza and Catalina Ruiz de Esparza that is the ancestor of Saint Francisco Javier (Jasso).

2). Catalina Ruiz de Esparza married in 1403 to Juan Antondo y Beteu, Señor de Adocin.

3). Gullelma (Guillerma) Atondo y Ruiz de Esparzamarries Arnaldo (Arnalt, Artel) Perez (Periz) de Jasso, Señor de Idocin (Adocin).

4). Juan Perez de Jasso y Atondo married to Maria de Azipilicuela y Aznar(iz), Señor de Javier.

5). San Francisco Javier aka Saint Francisco Jasso de Javier y Azpilicuela.

Other Ruiz de Esparza tidbits:

The other Catalina Ruiz de Esparza, is a daughter of Juan Periz de Esparza, alcalde de la corte de Navarra y consejero del Rey. She had a daughter named Juana, born by January 1379, from her relationship with King Charles II. This Catalina married in 1397 to Juan de Bearne, Baron de Beortegui. After

Another member of the Ruiz de Esparza family, Maria Miguel Ruiz de Esparza, (daughter of Miguel Ruiz de Esparza) has a relationship with King Charles III. They have a son named Lancelot that is born in April of 1386.

One of Lope Ruiz de Esparza's brothers was in the Americas prior to Lope's arrival in 1593. This brother, Capitan Andres Ruiz de Esparza traveled to Costa Rica where it has been reported that was named Teniente de Gobernador de la ciudad del espiritú santo. He later returned to Mexico City where he left descendants. Some of his descendants later moved into los altos de Jalisco, though the vast majority of the Esparzas in Jalisco descend from Lope Ruiz de Esparza "el Menor".

I have more information in my book about the Ruiz de Esparza family

Source: Mygenes2000 by Rick A. Ricci

(John Schmal, Guillermo 'Bill' Figueroa, Mariano Gonzalez Leal, Mary Lou Mantagna, George Fulton, Jaime Holcombe and others have contributed to my research on the Ruiz de Esparza family)

Hi Rick,

I know you mentioned that you were interested in more than just the paternal lines and in the book Rincones de la historia de Navarra, by Florencio Idoate, it says:

Efectivamente, entre los cabezaleros del testamento de Johana Lópiz de Zariquiegui, aparecen su yerno Juan de Athaondo (hoy Atondo), oidor de la Cámara de Comptos y la esposa de éste, Catalina Ruiz de Esparza...

so, Juana de Zariquiegui is also known as Johana Lópiz de Zariquiegui which may be a better clue to her ancestry.


Dear Chris,

That Juana de Zariquiegui is also known as Johana Lópiz de Zariquiegui is fantastic news. I am not sure if I posted this earlier, but I have confirmed that she was the mother of both Cathalina and Simon.

Every clue helps. Sometimes it is the smallest detail is the key that when added to other information. Many times something that doesn't seem that important turns out to be the glue that brings all the pieces together.

I already used this information to find her probable parents. I will get back to you with that information if it checks out.

Thanks again,

I would like to thank everyone for their contributions to this research. You never know when the little piece that doesn't seem very important ends up being a vital piece.

Thanks again,
Rick A. Ricci


What is the title? Perhaps it has been digitized on


Hi Rick,

I think Ana is part of her name. Her defuncion actually only lists her as Ana de Gabay:

En treinta de dicho mes y año se enterró Ana de Gabay, mujer de Lope Ruis de Esparsa. Y por que conste lo firmé


Dear Chris,

That is great news Chris because I keep seeing her as Francisca in documents. I will go back and add Ana to my records.

Another genealogist that has done extensive research on this family sent me some of his work showing that she is indeed named Ana Francisca Garibai. Although some documents only have Francisca, the evidence is in that she is Ana Francisca.

I have too much information to hold onto, so I have decided to put my other projects away and focus on getting a book done on the Ruiz de Esparza. In my book I will provide the sources for the information. I am separating the Ruiz de Esparza/Gabai Moctezuma chapter from the rest of my giant book. Of course I have to have a couple of chapters on the Romo de Vivar thrown in. And yes, I did find new material yesterday that brought a lol of my research together. So a few months from now I will be addressing the folks here about where to get the book.

The genealogist that sent me the information on Ana Francisca also showed me some of his recent work. It complements what I have discovered so I asked him to combine my book with his information. I intend to finish my book soon so that he can decide soon on whether he wants to combine his material with mine. His part is already finished. The two parts combined would be a nice book. I need to hurry up and do an excellent job so that he will see the benefit of the synergy between two complementary works.

I am sorry that I am going to hold back on the valuable information I have found out about the Ruiz de Esparzas and their cousins with a different, but similar name, but the book will be coming out soon, along with pictures, diagrams, coat of arms,legal cases, sources. I was able to get in the mail an original copy of the family tree Made a hundred years ago. I also received a package today of the documents that were used to prove "hidalguia", nobility. And yes it does provide names and relationships.

I hope to have a Christmas present for you,
Rick A. Ricci

Not to be argumentative, but we have two different marriage dates (1403 and 1413) in two different secondary sources, so which is correct? Without seeing the original documents it's hard to decide which is correct. In the source I found, La Familia de Atondo, available on the web, the document seems to be only described and not identified - the repository for it is also not identified. This is a less than ideal situation.

Until resolved, we need to note the discrepancy dates.


Dear George,

You make a very valuable point. This last timeline only works with the 1413 wedding date. For the 1403 wedding date we would have to adjust the dates, but only for Sancho and Cathalina. I would leave all the other dates alone as they are based on primary sources.

I received new information last night in a late arrival by UPS, an email from a fellow genealogist who has done work complementary to this work, and two packages today, one in the morning, and another one about fifteen minutes ago. I have a lot to sift through but the pieces have come together. The copy of the hidalguia papers of Lope Ruiz de Esparza el menor are now in my possession.

The article that gave the 1403 date gave valuable information on solving the conundrum of the multiple relationships for Cathalina Ruiz de Esparza by showing that there are two Cathalina Ruiz de Esparza, but much of the other information in that article is erroneous. The author of that article did not know anything about how the different Esparza families were related. The lines that he says are related are known by most genealogists to not be related. There is one piece of evidence that they may be very distant cousins but he didn't present that evidence. The author most likely doesn't even know about that since it is found in the Americas. The Esparza line that he says are not related at all to the Ruiz de Esparza, are actually related not too distantly, fourth cousins. They also made a major error on a date on one of the principal members of the Esparza family. Now a date may not seem like much but it is for this person because he was born thirty years earlier and was a big mover and shaker of the family.


Mr. Ricci

on the Wikitree for Lope ruiz de esparsa here

it says this in Spanish from Mariano gonzalez Leal

En una Ejecutoria de Nobleza del siglo XVI, constante de ciento sesenta paginas en vitela miniada con dos escudos de armas, consta que el genearca novohispano de este linaje fue don Lope Ruiz de Esparza, originario de Pamplona, quien el 27 de Abril de 1595 compareció ante el Alcalde Ordinario de la ciudad de Méjico Rafael de Trejo Carbajal para acreditar su ascendencia: Era hijo de Lope Ruiz de Esparza y de doña Ana Diez de Eguinoa, ambos de Pamplona: el había litigado su hidalguía en Pamplona haciendo constar su señorío sobre los palacios de Esparza y Jáuregui, pleito vencido por sentencia de 23 de Noviembre de 1535. Se dejo constancia de que el segundo Lope, de veintiséis años de edad en 1595, era de estatura mediana, trapado, blanco de rostro, algo rojo de barba y cabello; los ojos tienen algún tanto metidos; sobre la ceja derecha tiene una cicatriz que casi llega hasta el cabo de la ceja y otra cicatriz mas grande que comienza al cabo de la oreja izquierda, por la parte de dentro, hasta la mitad del cuello; es robusto de todos miembros... Obra en el legajo una Ejecutoria de hidalguía dada por el Emperador don Carlos y doña Juana su madre a esta clase y linaje. Estos Ruiz de Esparza, que luego se establecen en Aguascalientes y de allí se ramifican a Teocaltiche, Nochistlán, Tepatitlán, Arandas y otras zonas alteñas, enlazaron con los Romo de Vivar, Gabay, Tiscareño, Escoto-Tovar y otras viejas cepas de la región hasta extenderse de modo tal que no hay familia alteña que no proceda, por una u otra línea de ellos

an i tried to translate it with google and it looks like it talks about his coat of arms and tells how he has red hair and beard and stuff but it also looks like it says that Lope Ruiz de esparza the father is also the lord of the palaces of esparza and zariguegui.

Danny C. Alonso

Dear Danny,

Lope Ruiz de Esparza "el mayor", señor de los palacios de Esparza y Zariquiegui, vecino de Pamplona y residente en Esparza. He was Lord of a small town not far from Pamplona.

The place in Esparza sounds a lot more luxurious than it was. They actually didn't live there. They visited, but they lived in town, Pamplona. They had a really nice residence in Pamplona

I also have the coat of arms, " armas de Ruiz de Esparza"
"Son según ejectoría ganada por Lope Ruiz de Esparza "(el Viejo)", vecino de Pamplona, (I) en campo de oro un lobo atrevesado a un árbol de roble"

I will provide much more information in the book.

Rick A. Ricci

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