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Lope Ruiz de Esparza 'el menor' is the 3rd cousin to St. Francisco Javier de Jasso

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By Visitor - Posted on 28 September 2016

Lope Ruiz de Esparza 'el Menor' is the 3rd cousin of St. Francisco Javier de Jasso

1). Sancho Ruiz de Esparza, alcalde de la Corte Mayor de Navarra, his wife, Juana Zariquegui are the parents of Simon Ruiz de Esparza. Simon has a sister named Catalina Ruiz de Esparza that is the ancestor of Saint Francisco Javier (Jasso). See her line at the bottom of the page. This Catalina Ruiz de Esparza is not the same Catalina Ruiz de Esparza that had an affair and a daughter with King Charles II.

2). Simon Ruiz de Esparza b. Before 1495 and Graciana Huici (Vici) are the parents of Martin Ruiz de Esparza.

3). Martin Ruiz de Esparza y Huici (Vici), señor del palacio de Esparza (Galar), vecino de Pamplona and Maria de Espinosa (Spinosa) are the parents of Lope Ruiz de Esparza. Martin also has a son named Pedro Ruiz de Esparza.

We have lawsuits from Martin Ruiz de Esparza y Huici (Vici) against cousins and possibly in laws that are using the family name without his permission. His brothers, Lope and Pedro also sue distant cousins. Martin and his sons hold the prestigious titles of señor de Los palacios de Estrada and are suing and asking the court to defend their rights.

4). Lope Ruiz de Esparza (el mayor or el viejo) abogado de las Audiencias Reales, señor de los palacios de Esparza (Galar) y Zariquiegui vecino de Pamplona and Ana Diez de Eguino are not married. They have a (natural) son named Lope Ruiz de Esparza.

5) Lope Ruiz de Esparza (el menor) ( b.1569 d.14 Aug 1651 in Mexico, Distrito Federal) married in 1594 to Ana Francisca Gabai Moctezuma, a descendant of Moctezuma II. Lope has a brother named Capitan Andres Ruiz de Esparza (b.1542) that came to Mexico before Lope. There is a third brother named Pedro Ruiz de Esparza that stayed in Spain. I personally read a primary source document dated 1595 that identified Ana Francisca Gabai Moctezuma as a granddaughter (though it should have said Great granddaughter.)

Lope came over as a "personal assistant"(criado) to a descendant of King Charles III named Enrique de Mauleòn. Lope's ancestor Rodrigo was in the service Kings Charles II and King Charles III. Even though Lope Ruiz de Esparza is the son of a nobleman, he still was in the service of descendant of Charles III, through the Nabarro Enriquez Lacarra line. through another line, Enrique Mauleón descends from King Alfonso XI de Castilla. Enrique de Mauleòn is also a distant relative some of the founding families of Nueva Galicia through his ancestor named Carlos Arellano de Luna.

1). Sancho Ruiz de Esparza and Juana Zariquegui are the parents of Simon Ruiz de Esparza and Catalina Ruiz de Esparza that is the ancestor of Saint Francisco Javier (Jasso).

2). Catalina Ruiz de Esparza married in 1403 to Juan Antondo y Beteu, Señor de Adocin.

3). Gullelma (Guillerma) Atondo y Ruiz de Esparzamarries Arnaldo (Arnalt, Artel) Perez (Periz) de Jasso, Señor de Idocin (Adocin).

4). Juan Perez de Jasso y Atondo married to Maria de Azipilicuela y Aznar(iz), Señor de Javier.

5). San Francisco Javier aka Saint Francisco Jasso de Javier y Azpilicuela.

Other Ruiz de Esparza tidbits:

The other Catalina Ruiz de Esparza, is a daughter of Juan Periz de Esparza, alcalde de la corte de Navarra y consejero del Rey. She had a daughter named Juana, born by January 1379, from her relationship with King Charles II. This Catalina married in 1397 to Juan de Bearne, Baron de Beortegui. After

Another member of the Ruiz de Esparza family, Maria Miguel Ruiz de Esparza, (daughter of Miguel Ruiz de Esparza) has a relationship with King Charles III. They have a son named Lancelot that is born in April of 1386.

One of Lope Ruiz de Esparza's brothers was in the Americas prior to Lope's arrival in 1593. This brother, Capitan Andres Ruiz de Esparza traveled to Costa Rica where it has been reported that was named Teniente de Gobernador de la ciudad del espiritú santo. He later returned to Mexico City where he left descendants. Some of his descendants later moved into los altos de Jalisco, though the vast majority of the Esparzas in Jalisco descend from Lope Ruiz de Esparza "el Menor".

I have more information in my book about the Ruiz de Esparza family

Source: Mygenes2000 by Rick A. Ricci

(John Schmal, Guillermo 'Bill' Figueroa, Mariano Gonzalez Leal, Mary Lou Mantagna, George Fulton, Jaime Holcombe and others have contributed to my research on the Ruiz de Esparza family)


I have seen Huici as well in some Spanish archive indexed documents. I wonder if "Vici" may be due to how the handwriting has been read. For example, I have seen "Ursula" read and transcribed as "Vrsula."


Thanks, R.A. Ricci and others, for all the research and collaborations you have shared with all of us in the group. I have been doing my family research for years, but compared to many of you, I'm still a part time amateur genealogist. Thanks to another member, Austin Perez, I was able to connect my Ursua ancestors to the Ruiz de Esparza family, so this post caught my immediate attention. It will be wonderful to see your research published in the future. Are you waiting until you find who is the father and grandfather of Sancho Ruiz de Esparza before you publish your book?


Steve in NC

Hi Rick,

Yeah, I agree with the genealogy and I have seen occasional instances in my own tree where someone close to 60 marries someone close to 16, it just seems that all of these men would have to be much older than their wives which just seems somewhat unusual. But, it's definitely possible and now it appears probable.

Also, I agree with George that Vici is just an alternate spelling of Huici or vice-versa based on the use of the Latin "V". Although, I guess it could also be based on pronunciation. I'm not sure how 14th century basque pronounced the letter "V". It's possible it was pronounced similar to a "W" although I don't know. I do know that "V" had a different pronunciation in old Castilian, than it does today, so, it's possible 14th century Basque pronunciations were also completely different.

Also, in Nobiliario de Navarra: La casa de los Juániz en la villa de Muruzábal by Francisco Javier Pérez de Rada y Díaz Rubín, Marqués de Jaureguizar, it says, Otorgó escritura de contratos matrimoniales en Pamplona el día 18 de abril de 1413, con Catalina Ruiz de Esparza, hija de Sancho Ruiz de Esparza, alcalde mayor de la Corte de Navara, señor de los Esparza palacios de Esparza y Zariquiegui, so I think that the discrepancy between the dates of 1403 and 1413 for Catalina's marriage are probably also based on a someone reading tres for trese(trece) or vice-versa.


Dear Steve,

Thanks for your comments. I do have what I believe is a candidate for Sancho's father. He is the only candidate that I have at the moment. I have lots of information but need a little bit more as it would just be speculation if I name him right now. If he is the father then I already have a lot of information to finish a book. If he isn't the father then a lot of what I collected can't be used as it pertains to him.

I don't know when a book will be finished because I have to many projects going on at once. I tell myself I am going to focus on one family, but then in my research I find information that I was looking for to add to a different project. So I move from project to project, adding a piece here and there, moving forward with each project but not at the pace that I would like.

This Ruiz de Esparza line has been jumping for about a month, I keep adding little pieces. It helps that I can use info that I learned from my other projects to move this one along.

George Fulton, Mary Lou Montagna, Danny, and Chris have helped tremendously in this investigation. Guillermo "Bill" Figueroa has helped me in the past with my Aguascalientes families so he also needs to be thanked. John Schmal and Mariano Gonzalez Leal's work have been great resources

Thanks again,

Thank you Chris for providing the revised date on the marriage. That is fantastic because it provides the timeline a little more wiggle room.

Thanks again,

Mr. Ricci,

since Saint Francis is the 3rd cousin to Lope Ruiz de Esparza and Lope is my 12th great grandfather, does that mean that Saint Francis is my 15th cousin.

and i found this geneology for the esparzas that have sort of a timeline. it has Lope ruiz de Esparza born in 1569 and the other Lope born 1510 and Martin born 1480 and Simon born 1460:!topic/genealogia-mexico/LVKyd7-B9Ok

Danny C. Alonso

If your 12 great grandfather is a third cousin to someone that makes that person your third cousin 15 times removed.

The latest timeline that I was working on looks like this

1) Sancho Ruiz de Esparza. b Abt 1375
1.1) Daughter of Sancho : Sister Cathalina b.1398 m.1413

1.2) Son of Sancho: Simon Ruiz de Esparza yZariquiegui b.c. 1415 d. Before 1490

1.2.1) Martin Ruiz de Esparza y Huici b. Abt 1465 (son of Simon)
Martin is still alive in 1547 Lope Ruiz de Esparza y Espinosa "El viejo" B. Abt 1513 (son of Martin)
Three sons of el viejo
Andres Ruiz de Esparza b. 1541
Son Lope Ruiz de Esparza b. 1569 "el menor"
Son, (legitimate heir) Pedro Ruiz de Esparza, attorney, b. ?


This is the first timeline that I've seen that actually makes sense.


Dear Chris,

The information that you provided changing the wedding date from 1403 to 1413 provided the last tweak. The timeline is based on Guillerminas will, the marriage record of Cathalina, a lawsuit that Martin is involved in, the birthdate of Andres which pushes his father's date back and the date of the awarding of the coat of arms.



The indexes for the archives for the province of Navarra show that Martin and Lope, el Viejo, were involved in a number of lawsuits that are consistent with the later part of this timeline. Unfortunately, none of these documents are available digitally at this time. Hopefully they will become available like the PARES website.

I suspect at least a couple of these would add significant information to this family tree if we could get copies of them.

The number of documents is an indication of the status of the Ruiz de Esparza family.

The search page for the archive is

George Fulton

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