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Lope Ruiz de Esparza 'el menor' is the 3rd cousin to St. Francisco Javier de Jasso

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By Visitor - Posted on 28 September 2016

Lope Ruiz de Esparza 'el Menor' is the 3rd cousin of St. Francisco Javier de Jasso

1). Sancho Ruiz de Esparza, alcalde de la Corte Mayor de Navarra, his wife, Juana Zariquegui are the parents of Simon Ruiz de Esparza. Simon has a sister named Catalina Ruiz de Esparza that is the ancestor of Saint Francisco Javier (Jasso). See her line at the bottom of the page. This Catalina Ruiz de Esparza is not the same Catalina Ruiz de Esparza that had an affair and a daughter with King Charles II.

2). Simon Ruiz de Esparza b. Before 1495 and Graciana Huici (Vici) are the parents of Martin Ruiz de Esparza.

3). Martin Ruiz de Esparza y Huici (Vici), señor del palacio de Esparza (Galar), vecino de Pamplona and Maria de Espinosa (Spinosa) are the parents of Lope Ruiz de Esparza. Martin also has a son named Pedro Ruiz de Esparza.

We have lawsuits from Martin Ruiz de Esparza y Huici (Vici) against cousins and possibly in laws that are using the family name without his permission. His brothers, Lope and Pedro also sue distant cousins. Martin and his sons hold the prestigious titles of señor de Los palacios de Estrada and are suing and asking the court to defend their rights.

4). Lope Ruiz de Esparza (el mayor or el viejo) abogado de las Audiencias Reales, señor de los palacios de Esparza (Galar) y Zariquiegui vecino de Pamplona and Ana Diez de Eguino are not married. They have a (natural) son named Lope Ruiz de Esparza.

5) Lope Ruiz de Esparza (el menor) ( b.1569 d.14 Aug 1651 in Mexico, Distrito Federal) married in 1594 to Ana Francisca Gabai Moctezuma, a descendant of Moctezuma II. Lope has a brother named Capitan Andres Ruiz de Esparza (b.1542) that came to Mexico before Lope. There is a third brother named Pedro Ruiz de Esparza that stayed in Spain. I personally read a primary source document dated 1595 that identified Ana Francisca Gabai Moctezuma as a granddaughter (though it should have said Great granddaughter.)

Lope came over as a "personal assistant"(criado) to a descendant of King Charles III named Enrique de Mauleòn. Lope's ancestor Rodrigo was in the service Kings Charles II and King Charles III. Even though Lope Ruiz de Esparza is the son of a nobleman, he still was in the service of descendant of Charles III, through the Nabarro Enriquez Lacarra line. through another line, Enrique Mauleón descends from King Alfonso XI de Castilla. Enrique de Mauleòn is also a distant relative some of the founding families of Nueva Galicia through his ancestor named Carlos Arellano de Luna.

1). Sancho Ruiz de Esparza and Juana Zariquegui are the parents of Simon Ruiz de Esparza and Catalina Ruiz de Esparza that is the ancestor of Saint Francisco Javier (Jasso).

2). Catalina Ruiz de Esparza married in 1403 to Juan Antondo y Beteu, Señor de Adocin.

3). Gullelma (Guillerma) Atondo y Ruiz de Esparzamarries Arnaldo (Arnalt, Artel) Perez (Periz) de Jasso, Señor de Idocin (Adocin).

4). Juan Perez de Jasso y Atondo married to Maria de Azipilicuela y Aznar(iz), Señor de Javier.

5). San Francisco Javier aka Saint Francisco Jasso de Javier y Azpilicuela.

Other Ruiz de Esparza tidbits:

The other Catalina Ruiz de Esparza, is a daughter of Juan Periz de Esparza, alcalde de la corte de Navarra y consejero del Rey. She had a daughter named Juana, born by January 1379, from her relationship with King Charles II. This Catalina married in 1397 to Juan de Bearne, Baron de Beortegui. After

Another member of the Ruiz de Esparza family, Maria Miguel Ruiz de Esparza, (daughter of Miguel Ruiz de Esparza) has a relationship with King Charles III. They have a son named Lancelot that is born in April of 1386.

One of Lope Ruiz de Esparza's brothers was in the Americas prior to Lope's arrival in 1593. This brother, Capitan Andres Ruiz de Esparza traveled to Costa Rica where it has been reported that was named Teniente de Gobernador de la ciudad del espiritú santo. He later returned to Mexico City where he left descendants. Some of his descendants later moved into los altos de Jalisco, though the vast majority of the Esparzas in Jalisco descend from Lope Ruiz de Esparza "el Menor".

I have more information in my book about the Ruiz de Esparza family

Source: Mygenes2000 by Rick A. Ricci

(John Schmal, Guillermo 'Bill' Figueroa, Mariano Gonzalez Leal, Mary Lou Mantagna, George Fulton, Jaime Holcombe and others have contributed to my research on the Ruiz de Esparza family)

Mr. Ricci,

I agree i would like to know about the women too.

Danny C. Alonso

Dear Danny,

My nickname for you is newblood. When I was very young I was interested in genealogy when others my age didn't care. Later, when I was ready to give up genealogy as a hobby, I met Steve Hernandez when he was a puppy just like you. Steve's passion for genealogy research was contagious, just like I find yours to be. Steve's enthusiasm, along with others from his group, got me back on track.

When I remembered that I had done some research on your family tree that connected you to the Ruiz de Esparza, I sent you an email of this line. Your response that while you respected my desire for keeping it quiet, but that it was too special of a discovery, and that I should post it led me to posting it immediately. It was the type of enthusiasm that I really like seeing. So I posted it as a reward for your enthusiasm. I have a lot more pieces to the puzzle, lots more. But I need to do a little more research before I post the material.

Someone once derided my work on this site as just someone posting things on the Internet without evidence. For the people that don't have faith in my post, and need to read it from a book, you are going to have to wait for me to publish my book or books. For the people like Chris, George, Danny, Manny, Bill, Mary Lou, who have faith in my work, I will continue to post findings on this site.

Not all my work will be posted here first as my de la torre Ledesma research is too large because all of the stories involved in that research so that topic will have too wait for a book.

Thank you so much for your infectious enthusiasm Danny,
Rick A. Ricci

Dear George, Chris, Danny, and others....

Your request for a timeline is not being disregarded. The timeline that I have been working on includes who I believe is Sancho Ruiz de Esparza's father. Since I still need a few more pieces to find out whether he is a father or grandfather, I ask for your patience as I would like to present the timeline with Sancho's father. George has some of my information but I asked him to not share it yet as we need a few more pieces to add to the puzzle. Sancho's father is an important part of the family tree as I see him as the trunk from which the main branches of the family come from. Though Sancho is a big branch, I see his his father as the trunk. I say father but I need a couple little pieces to prove it. I also want to investigate a little bit more on the pieces that I already have. So patience please.

George, You have some of the information in front of you so you can see why I want to wait to include him. Thanks for keeping it close to the vest.

Thank you,
Rick A. Ricci

Thank you Mr. Ricci, i really appreciate what you had to say. and i always look forward to your findings.

Danny C. Alonso

I made a little mistake in one of my posts. I said that many genealogists mistakenly called the transfer of land between an uncle and nephew. In reality they got that part right. I had mistakenly called it a transfer between second cousins. The mistake is made by the genealogists as to which one is the uncle and which one is the nephew because Martin Ruiz de Esparza is the first cousin to the saints grandmother, Guillermina, making Martin the uncle even though he was the one that was much younger. The saints father is the nephew, again, even though he is the older person.

This helps explain the timeline that I will post later.

Rick A. Ricci

I do want to point out a difference between what I am reporting and what Mariano Gonzalez Leal writes. He writes that the surname for Graciana is Vici, while I have her surname as Huici. Very small difference, and I include both spellings in my post.


Dear Chris,
I am sorry if I contributed to the confusion about the dates. I just saw how I posted before 1495. What I meant was that I was disagreeing with the post that George had directed me to. George was the first to mention that he did not find the information on that post to be reliable. After we had come up with our tree, I asked him to direct me to the post in order to compare our information to what had been posted.That post had a birthdate as 1495 which is ridiculous so I wrote before 1495 as a statement that I was disagreeing with that posted date. I have not committed myself as to dates yet, though I have found evidence that the men were indeed much older when they were siring our line than the average man. And there is evidence, it's not just my calculations to make it work.

Sorry for the poor communication,
Rick A. Ricci

Dear Chris,
You stated that you could see the timeline working out if Simon, Martin, and Lope el viejo all had their son when they were older. You forgot to add Sancho to that conversation. When I first tried to make a connection between Simon, Cathalina , and Sancho, I did not find Simon in the mix. Sancho was identified as Cathalina's father with no mention of Simon. But Simon then is positively identified in later records as being the brother of Cathalina and son of Sancho. This implies that Sancho was much older when Simon was born.

Here is the evidence:

First evidence). We have the documentation from Guillermina stating that Simon is the brother of Cathalina and that Martin is the son of Simon. She directs her ownership share to be transferred to Martin (her cousin). Simon is not mentioned in records that I first found when researching Catalina which points to Simon being much younger than her so Sancho was much older when Simon was born.

Second evidence). The transaction is identified as a transaction between a nephew and an uncle. Secondary sources flip who is who when they read this because Martin, the uncle, is much younger than the nephew, the saints father (Guillerminas son) who is following his mother's wishes.

Third evidence). Lope el menor's birthdate is well documented. His brother Andres's birthdate is also documented, and it is documented that they have the same father. This means that Lope el viejo was "viejo", (old) when Lope "el menor" was born.

All three pieces of evidence explain the time line.

I am sorry but I don't want to add dates yet, I just want to provide the evidence for the men in this family to be much older than average when having the men in this line.

While this timeline proves that it there is very good reason to accept the father's as older fathers, it brings up the question of the ages of the mothers. Did the men marry, or have relationships, with women much younger than them? It would seem so, since the mothers are identified. Graciana Huici is identified as a mother of Martin Ruiz de Esparza y Huici, and Maria de Espinosa is identified as the mother of Lope Ruiz de Esparza el viejo/ el mayor, Lope Ruiz de Esparza el menor's mother is identified but there are twenty-seven years between Captain Andres Ruiz de Esparza's birthdate and Lope el menor's birthdate, and while possible, this is the second wife that has a large gap between the births of her sons. The first wife that has a large gap between the births of two of her children is Juana Zariquegui, Sancho's wife. I don't know how long a gap there is between Cathalina who obviously is much older than Simon. I believe that Cathalina was very young, early teens, when she married. We know that Juana is the mother of Simon as the surname becomes attached to his descendants properties.

Rick A. Ricci

I forgot to add a GIGANTIC THANK YOU for the St. Francis College Library for deciding to toss out an antique book of theirs because no one had ever checked it out. I have the original library cards still inside showing that no one had ever bothered to check it out. You can also tell from the pages that the book most probably hasn't been opened in 94 years, the age of the book. The pages are very delicate and I will not open the spine all the way to make copies. But the book already has provided valuable information to the Ruiz de Esparza family tree.

I paid peanuts for this book. If it hadn't been available for purchase, I would of had to travel far to see if they could find the book in the few libraries that list it.

So let's hear for St. Francis Colege, Hooray Hooray!!!!


Dear Chris,

I don't want to post a timeline until we check on some information, and am able to provide proof of Sancho Ruiz de Esparza's father, I know that you anxiously await a timeline that makes sense. So am I. We are not wedded to the date 1403 given by a relatively recent article as the date of Cathalinas wedding.

Although the article discovered by George Fulton solved the conundrum of the multiple relationships by establishing that there are two Cathalina Ruiz de Esparzas, with different sets of parents, the article made three colossal errors in the conclusions it makes. I say three colossal mistakes because those are the ones that I found in the first reading. I identified these errors immediately to George.

Multiple readings and closer inspection will undoubtedly uncover more mistakes. So that is why, even though we found some valuable information, we may discard some of their information if it doesn't fit the facts that we have from PRIMARY SOURCES. Through Guillermina's testament we have the family tree from Sancho to Simon to Martin Ruiz de Esparza, that is INDISPUTABLE. Then we have in ascending order, again from PRIMARY SOURCES, the lineage of Lope Ruiz de Esparza el menor, to Lope Ruiz de Esparza el viejo, continuing on to Martin Ruiz de Esparza. We also have the evidence that show that the men in this lineage had their sons in this lineage at what we would call a much older age than average.

I will explain the three colossal errors that I found on the first reading in a much longer post later. One of the colossal mistakes was how he was dating the person I believe has a possibility of being Sancho's father.

Rick A. Ricci

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