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By Ugarte - Posted on 19 April 2016

Hallo everybody:

As I have understand in Wikipedia in spanish, The Caxcans were one of the 7 Aztlan tribes, so they were related with Aztecs.

The spanish version is very complete, take a look :án in english.

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did they cite a source for that claim?

Thank You Martha. This was very interesting. I didn't know anything about the Cazcanes really. I wish they were still around today to get more information about.

Danny C. Alonso


I looked at the Cazcan wikipidia page and it has a lot of sources. It looks pretty researched, I wish I could read it. I think the mention about the similarity to the Aztecs came from this page which is the first cited on the Wikipedia page

I don't know what it says but I can see Antonio Tello is mentioned in the first sentence.

Danny C. Alonso

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