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Sierra de Pinos: Juan Diaz de Leon “El Viejo”

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By jrefugioghermosillo - Posted on 13 February 2016

Hola primos y primas,

I descend from Juan Diaz de Leon “El Viejo” and Francisca de Ortega, through their son, Juan Diaz de Leon “El Mozo,” and his marriage to Jacinta Martin de Sotomayor. From them, I descend from 2 sons: Jacinto Diaz, m. Sebastiana Gil, and Joseph Diaz, m. Antonia Delgadillo, the 2 lines reconnecting with the marriage of their grandchildren, Andres Diaz de Leon-Duron and Maria Estefania Carrillo-Diaz de Leon.

Recently, I came upon some notary records, which might establish when this family first settled in Sierra de Pinos. I thought I might share them here, for review and discussion.

First, though I have later generations well-documented, I don’t have a hard fix on the first. According to Don Jaime Holcombe, in his Varias Cartas (p. 171), Juan Diaz de Leon and Francisco Ortega had seven offspring:

a. Maria de Ortega, m. Hernan Perez de Mojica. With issue.
b. Pedro Diaz de Leon, b. 1615-1619. Testigo on various IM’s in Pinos, possibly married to Josefa de Santiago, with issue.
c. Juan Diaz de Leon “El Mozo”, m. Jacinta Martin de Sotomayor, md 17 Aug 1648, Pinos. With issue.
d. Antonio Diaz de Leon, b. 26 May 1621, Pinos. (Holcombe)
e. Antonia Diaz de Leon. (Holcombe)
f. Luis Diaz de Leon. (Holcombe)
g. Joseph Diaz de Leon, b. 13 Jun 1630, Pinos (Holcombe); was a testigo 21 Dec 1648, age 20.

I’ve only found records for four (a, b, c & g); would anybody have anything else on this family group?


From 2 IM’s for which he was a witness, we can establish that Juan Diaz de Leon was born around 1580:

10 May 1650 IM for Joseph Gonzalez and Anna de Casteñeda; Juan Diaz de Leon El Viejo (as he’s listed) gave his age as “around 70” (ca. 1580). Left image:

21 Feb 1651 IM for granddaughter, Antonia Perez Mojica and Gines Carrion; his age is given as “over 60” (before 1591). Left image:


In the San Luis Potosi Registros de Minas 1604 Exp 1-5, on 1 Mar 1604, Juan Diaz de Leon files claims on no less that 7 mines, located in Pinos. Credible witnesses present were Jorge Leal, Diego Delgado and Maria Fernandez Pinto. Other miners/individuals named are Francisco Gonzalez, Antonio Gutierrez?, Leonor de Segura, Julian de Santa Maria, Diego Camacho, Juan de Morales, Juan Ruiz de Roza, Maria de Ortega, Juan del Campo, Francisco Lopez, Pedro Anrrq.z?, and Juan Dias.

On the same roll, from a document dated 27 Oct 1604, Juan Diaz de Leon registers “a sitio en el Descubrimiento de Nuestra Señora de la Concepcion de Cuzco [de Sierra de Pinos],” with a main house, a compound for Indians, and an ore mill and smelter for his metals; located in la Cieneguilla de las Encinillas, on a water hole, it was bordered by the properties of Jorge Leal, Juliana de Sotomayor, and Julian de Santa Maria.

This is likely when Encinillas became the family seat of the Diaz de Leon, though Juan Diaz was already in the area, previously: found at the General Archives of the Indies in Sevilla, is a map, dated 12 Nov 1603, of a proposed town, “to be founded on the Goleta plains, 4 leagues from the mines of Nuestra Señora de la Concepcion de Sierra de Pinos.” It shows the proposed layout of a town, with streets, a plaza mayor, and lots, assigned to individuals. One of the lots is assigned to Juan Diaz de Leon (one block south of the main plaza).
Código de Referencia: ES.41091.AGI/27.17//MP-MEXICO,51
Archivo General de Indias
Mapas y Planos
Mapas, planos, etc.: México
Planta de la nueva población que se ha de hacer en los llanos de la Goleta, a cuatro leguas de las minas de Nuestra Señora de la Concepcion de Sierra de Pinos.

I hope you find this information useful, and comments, questions and corrections are welcome.

Gracias y Saludos,
Manny Diez Hermosillo

PS & Historical Note: Even though Real de Minas de Sierra de Pinos was in the jurisdiction of Nueva Galicia, during the first decades of the 1600s, residents still had to file in San Luis Potosi, which was in the jurisdiction of Mexico City. This reflects the historical conflict over the jurisdiction of Sierra de Pinos, between the Audiencias in Mexico and Guadalajara, during the first decades of its founding. These are some of the bureaucratic headaches that our ancestors had to deal with!

You are all so very welcome. I am impressed with the volume of work and research that you are doing and glad that my contributions are helping. I have so much more that I want to get out there. Have not had much access to my archives, but in a couple of weeks that will change.

Mary Lou

Hola primos,

Here's the revised family group for the first generation of Diaz de Leon, with my notes from the 26 Aug 1655 testamento of Juan Diaz de Leon "El Viejo." I hope you all find this useful:

Juan Diaz de Leon "El Viejo," hijo de Juan Diaz de Leon & Ynes Dominguez de Garfias, vecinos y naturales de Ayamonte.
Francisca de Ortega, hija de ?

a. Ana de Ortega, m. ? Rebolloso
b. Francisca de Ortega, m. Simon Lopez de Olivares (2 daughters: Josefa de Olivares & Antonia de Valdes)
c. Maria de Ortega, m. Hernan Perez de Mojica
d. Pedro Diaz de Leon, m. Josefa de Santiago y Gutierrez
e. Juan Diaz de Leon "El Mozo," m. Jacinta Martin de Sotomayor, im. 08 Aug 1648, San Matias, Pinos
f. Fray Antonio Diaz de Leon (Jesuit?)
g. Joseph Diaz de Leon, b. 13 Jun 1630, San Matias, Pinos (Holcoombe). Testigo on IM 21 Dec 1648, San Matias, Pinos; age 20.
h. Luis Diaz de Leon (Holcoombe).
i. Antonia Diaz de Leon (Holcoombe).

Heirs: Pedro Diaz de Leon and Juan Diaz de Leon.
Albaceas: sons, Pedro Diaz, Juan Diaz & Fray Antonio Diaz, and grandson Juan de Rebolloso.
Tenedora de Bienes: Francisca de Ortega su mujer.
Tutora y Curadora de hijos menores: Francisca de Ortega su mujer.

Bienes: casa de vivienda en San Luis Potosi; casa de vivienda con su solar en Sierra de Pinos, ? de minas; 3 esclavos: Mulata Ysabel? (page torn) y sus hijos, Juan y Pedro.


On introduction, says his parents were "residents and natives of Ayamonte," rather than "residents of Nueva Espana," implying that they didn't pass to Indies. Therefore, Juan Diaz de Leon "El Viejo" was likely born in Ayamonte, Huelva.

Juan Diaz de Leon requested that he be buried in the parrish church of San Luis Potosi.

Joseph Diaz, Luis Diaz and Antonia Diaz died before Aug 1655.

On 2nd image, says " tiempo (...) case con Francisca de Ortega mi legitima mujer ni la dicha ni yo no trujimos bienes conocidos ningunos..." No dowry?

Daughter Ana de Ortega was probably married to Juan de Rebolloso, a merchant in early SLP. She apparently had a son named Juan de Rebolloso, who might have been the miner in Cerro de San Pedro.

Daughter Francisca de Ortega issued her testamento in Feb 1661 before Pedro de Avalos in SLP (1661 protocolos begin in May 1661, so not available online).

Manny Diez Hermosillo


This is great work. Thank you for providing us with this information. Juan Diaz de Leon and Francisca de Ortega are my ancestors too. I had a couple of questions. you mention she had no dowry, does that means something that she had no dowry. also you mention the house in sierra de pinos "casa de vivienda con su solar en Sierra de Pinos" what does solar mean?

Danny C. Alonso

Hi Danny,

You're welcome.

It was customary for the families of brides to give a dowry, when a daughter married. I don't know the significance of why there was no dowry, it just seems odd, since dowries were the norm, with the landed classes.

A "solar" is a "lot," or a parcel of land.

Here is Francisca de Ortega II's testamento, 12 Feb 1662. Her mother was still alive. She received a dowry of 2,500 pesos.

Manny Diez Hermosillo

Dear Manny,

You did not list a second marriage for Juan Diaz de Leon. In my records I do have him married first to Jacinta Martin de Sotomayor but I also have a second marriage in 1669 to Juana Trujillo. Is this a mistake in my records? I also have children by this marriage.
Thanks for all your help,
Rick A Ricci

Hi Rick,

I believe the Juan Diaz de Leon, who married Jacinta Martin de Sotomayor, and the one who married Juana Trujillo, were 2 different people, because Jacinta Martin de Sotomayor died a widow and was buried 03 Apr 1713, in Pinos. So, there's no way Juan Diaz could've married Juana Trujillo en 2os, since he died before Jacinta (right image):

The one married to Juana Trujillo might be their son, the same who married Josefa Luisa Garcia de Nava, or he might be the son of Pedro Diaz de Leon and Josefa Gutierrez, who baptized a Juan, 02 Aug 1643, Sagrario SLP (right image):

There's also the possibility that he descended from an entirely different family. There's a Tomas Diaz de Leon cc Maria de la Mota, who baptized Ysabel, 10 Jul 1622, in Puebla de Zaragoza, Pue; there was also another Juan Diaz de Leon cc Barbola Bautista, who baptized Catalina, 02 Feb 1623, in Santa Catarina Martin, Mexico DF. Both couples drop off the map, so I haven't been able to track them.

Manny Diez Hermosillo

Dear Manny,

Thank you for clarifying that it is a different Juan Diaz de Leon. I will separate them in my records. I had Jacinta as the first wife but other genealogists had Jacinta as the second wife with Juana Trujillo as the first. I wonder if he had two households at the same time? Until we get more information, they will stay in my records as two separate people.
Thanks again,
Rick A. Ricci

Thank you Manny. and Thank you for the Testamento of Francisca de Ortega II.

Danny C. Alonso

Hi, I am researching De La Cerda, from Sierra De Pinos, Zacatecas.
Ursula De La Cerda Contreras.
For some reason after 25 or more years of research I just in the past few days was able to greatly expand my Zacatecas, San LuisPotosi and Aguascalientes lines.

I have lots of de la Cerdas in my ancestry. how far back have you gone?
here's some of the de la Cerdas on the Wikitree.

Danny C. Alonso

On Sat, Apr 23, 2016 at 11:02 PM, wrote:

> Hi, I am researching De La Cerda, from Sierra De Pinos, Zacatecas. Ursula
> De
> La Cerda Contreras. For some reason after 25 or more years of research I
> just
> in the past few days was able to greatly expand my Zacatecas, San
> LuisPotosi
> and Aguascalientes lines.

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