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Wills and Testaments

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By BobL. - Posted on 22 November 2015

Hello Everyone in the Forum,

I am looking for a transcription of a Will and Testament document that would
be an example of what was written in Spanish in the 1700's. Has anyone run
across such a document? I am in the process of transcribing and translating
a Will written in 1794.


Bob Lozano

Hello Bob,

You can find partial transcriptions of testaments for the following residents of early colonial Aguascalientes.

Hope this is helpful.
Austin Perez

Simona de la Cerda (transcribed by Bill Figuroa)

Sebastián Merino

Petrona de Sotomayor (aka Montañez)

Nicolas de Santos

Jorge de Ayala

Francisco de Esqueda Acosta


Thank you for posting these testaments. theyre very intersting. on this
thread of testaments you have Nicolas de Santos

I was seeing if you knew of a connection to this other Nicolas de Santos
that I just added to the wikitree today. the family both uses the same
names of de Santos and de Bustos. His wife name de Bustos also uses the
name de santos too. here is the link to the other Nicolas de Santos

Danny C. Alonso

Hi Danny,
Sorry but I don't know how this Nicolas connects with the descendants of Nicolas de los Santos and Maria Diaz. I did see that in Juana's burial record it states that she is originally from Guanajuato. Perhaps the family lived in Guanajuato which could explain why Nicolas's burial record and Nicolasa's baptism record are not listed in the Aguascalientes records. If Juana uses both Bustos and Santos as her last name then perhaps Nicolas and Juana are related?

Austin Perez


thank you. I will look in Guanajuato records to see if I can find them

Danny C. Alonso

Austin, thanks for posting the transcription of the Testament of Nicolas de
Santos. It helped on my research.

Bob Lozano

This is Eduardo Seoane wrong guy

Hello Austin,I just found a baptismal record for Cathalina de bustos Perez on 13 Jan 1619 s.maria LGS d moreno ija de Alonso de Bustos y Ana Perez. Do u know of connection to Mari Diaz/ Perez wife of Nicolas de los Santos. Saludes.

Hi Raul and welcome to Nuestros Ranchos.

I'm not familiar with this family but I believe that Alonso de Bustos that was married to Ana de Jerez (not Perez) is the same Alonso whose son capitan Francisco de Bustos was the first Marquis de San Clemente. A book by Ricardo Ortega y Pérez Gallardo titled "Historia genealógica de las familias más antiguas de México: Volumen 1" provides the history on this family. This book is available for free on Google Play.

In addition to the baptism record of Catalina Bustos that you found, I have the following records that include Alonso and Ana:

16 julio 1616: Bautice a Isabel hija de Agustin de Izquierdo y de su mujer Ana Tavera. fueron sus padrinos Alonso de Bustos y su mujer dona Ana de Jerez

31 julio 1616: Bautice a Digeo hijo de Luis Lopez y de su mujer Isabel Sanchez. Fueron sus padrinos Alonso de Bustos y su mujer dona Ana de Jerez.

19 octubre 1616: Bautice a Alonso hijo de Juan de Contreras y de Mariana Ruiz su mujer. Fueron padrinos Alonso de Busto y dona Ana Jerez su mujer.

8 enero 1617: bautice un hijo de Alonso de Busto y de dona Ana de Jerez llamose Pedro. Fue su padrino dona de Ulloa.

12 octubre 1618: Bautice a Juan hijo de Andres Lopez y de su mujer Maria Gonzalez. Fueron sus padrinos Alonso de Bustos y su mujer.

Not sure how or if our Nicolas de los Santos aka de Bustos is related to Alonso de Bustos and Ana de Jerez. Looking at Javier Sanchiz's Geneat tree, he has that Alonso and Isabel Arguello Jaso had an (illegitimate?) child named Juana who married Clement Munoz del Castillo. Perhaps our Nicolas de los Santos was an illegitimate son of Alonso?

Hasta pronto!
Austin Perez

Thanks for the confirmation. Back to the research!

Thanks for the confirmation. Back to the research!

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