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Great-grands in Spanish

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By CindyF - Posted on 27 October 2015

I know that great-grandfather/mother is bisabuelo/a in Spanish, but what is the proper way for saying, for example, 3rd great-grandfather? Or third time great-grandfather? (GGG-grandfather) I'd like to send a message to a potential cousin and my limited spanish vocabulary doesn't reach that far. I wasn't able to find it in my spanish-english dictionary.
Google translate is suggesting: tres veces bisabuelo. Is that correct?
Thanks in advance!

Cindy (Barela) Fahrbach
Researching: Banegas, Barela, Cutler,
De La O, Fahrbach, Jimenez, Keller,
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I am used to the "place in line" denomination "segundo, tercer, cuarto, etc" but I am not sure what is (if existent) the rules beyond the great-great-grandfather (tatarabuelo), I know some would mention "Trastarabuelo" but I've never seen it in documents. Personally I refer to my Tatarabuelo's father as "Segundo Tatarabuelo", and keep going from there.

I have always used the following format:

4o abuelo
5o abuelo
6o abuelo

and so on.

The reason being is that if the father of the tatarabuelo is the 4o abuelo all of the preceding abuelos should be in the same order. It also makes it easy since you just count back with your grandfather with him being the first.

The following pages also have the father of the tatarabuelo as the cuarto abuelo. and

The following page has something similar

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