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Aguascalientes Records Not Available

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By dcalonso - Posted on 20 August 2015

Does anybody know why several books of records in Aguascalientes says Image
Not Available, like this one.,64894502,64903801

Danny C. Alonso


I noticed this earlier today (they were all there yesterday evening); records from some other Mexican areas are also not available. Hopefully, they will be back tomorrow, or shortly thereafter.

George Fulton
Pleasanton, CA

Hey thank you George, I was just using your Aguascalientes Informacion
Matrimonial under the reference section on the Nuestros Ranchos Forum. It's
very helpful. I'll try Family Search tomorrow then.

Danny C. Alonso

I am guessing that maybe they are working on them. The same thing happened with the death records when they made them so that the images appeared automatically.I found the same problem with 1738 - 1742 bautismos.

I have an open problem ticket with familysearch regarding this issue.

They say that the problem has to do with our browsers. They told me I would be able to view the images if I used Firefox. While it was true of a few of the films, overall I still could not access most of the records.

That was this morning. It looks as thought they have been working the problem because many of the records (not all) have come back on line.

If anyone is experiencing this problem, I suggest you contact Click on "Get Help" top right hand corner, then "Send Message". This will bring it to their attention and my experience has been good when communicating with them.

I checked late this afternoon, and I could access them again.


I have been making an index of the Matrimonial Investigations for 1733/34, and now that the images are back on line, I have noted that the image numbers I recorded a few days ago have changed.

I do not know if the web links have also changed as I do not record these.

George Fulton

Hi George,
Are the image numbers off by a lot?


For the film I was looking at, matrimonial investigations 1733/34, the image number changed by 1. This is not a lot, but it is inconvenient.

When the Aguascalientes matrimonial investigations were reposted last year numerous changes were made, so the image numbers on my earlier indexes are way off, unfortunately. The indexes still have value, but you would need to recalibrate the image numbers, so they are not convenient to use.

George Fulton

Hi George,

I noticed the same thing the other day when I was notating something on my tree and I thought it was just me until it happened a few times. Now it makes sense. Thanks George.


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