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Colotlan Jalisco Indexing Family search

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By itzcoatzin - Posted on 17 July 2015

To whom it may concern:

I have been in contact with the indexing department of I been told that i can not index colotlan, jalisco records because they don't belong to me. And i was instructed to contact a genealogical group. So that we can contact them as a group to request a lote to index Colotlan, jalisco.

I mention this to Joseph but did not get a responce, i email Colotlan Municipality regarding if they could gives us a legal permission to index the lotes.

Anyone that knows about this can represent our group and get the lote ok to be index. It would be to our groups best interest to index our States, cities.

As i try looking for my families i see many possible leads but cant keep trac of them all.

If the indexing is not a thing that may happen maybe we can make an index of our own in simple spread sheet-

We work on a book let say Colotlan marriges 1873. 52
52 pages i can do them easy, 1 marriage per page.

Number: Date: Page:
Groom: parents grand parents.

bride: parents grand parents.

This file can be saved for the group to see.

But some are to big like Colotlan 1802 4599.
We can get groups to work number of pages let say sets of 50. So we dont repeat index

name pages 1 to 50
name pages 51 tp 100 etcs etc,

copy paste files to one and safe it.

use ctl f to find family for tree?

I hope we can get together and work on our town family tree this way. For the genealogy of our extended family.

well the colotlan records available on family search are partially indexed. what would be awesome if familysearch were to acquire/digitize more records from that city. i'd love to look at pre-1720 marriage records from there.

but if you were t index the remaining unindexed record, you'd need to find which ones are and which aren't.

By starting on the oldest records available. they have not index them. They have index about 1800 going up.

My goal is to start at the oldest reference and work up to meet the index in family search.

The reason is we spend to much time looking at web links when we can help each othet indexing and finding our ancestors. optimizing every click we do in family search

the ones with the igi icon have been indexed

Might I ask, what is the status on indexing of the Cotlan records?

Just curious. Did you ever corral a group of volunteers?

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