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Help please

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By rmcneal103 - Posted on 26 March 2015

You all have been so helpful in the past I hate to ask for a favor. I am having trouble with this Marriage Dispensation. I am trying to locate Francisco Hurtado Jimenez’ parents names. I found one of his abuelos but no luck with parents. The web page is,171974101,175746301
It starts with image 443 and goes through 454.

Thank you all in advance, I am taking Spanish classes but I am not there yet.
Randy mcNeal

The Dispensa only mention his mothers name and the relation tree between the groom and the bride, he is at that point also a widower, the tree mentioned is as follow:

1 Doña Maria Anna de Anda (sister of) Juan de Anda Altamirano

2 Doña Micaela de Pedroza (cousin of) Geronimo de Anda

3 Francisco Hurtado Ximenes (second cousin of) Lucas de Anda

4 -------------------------------------------- Anna Agustina de Anda (third niece of the groom)

looking quickly on familysearch for the name of the mother plus the Hurtado last names it shows this result:

RJ, thank you for your assistance. This is going to take me sometime to figure out. I did have that connection for Francisco Hurtado Ximenes' parents but I was hoping the dispensation gave the father's name so I could confirm it. I truly appreciate your time.

Well, the search results at familysearch are actually three (with the mothers name plus the Hurtado name); Francisco Hurtado Anda, Maria Cornelia Huratado Anda and Mariana Hurtado Pedroza, the three records shows the fathers as Joseph Hurtado, that for me would be a good amount of data to corroborate the fathers name, who in turn may be Hurtado Ximenes and thus his son name himself with both surnames. If you add the fact that the mothers name shows no just Pedroza but De Anda in those records I would say that's a positive identification in comparison with the Dispensa, where clearly states she is from De Anda and Pedroza family. Hope it helps a little.

Forgot to tell you, you should check (although you probably did already) Francisco first marriage which seems to be this one: Francisco Urtado and Ana Gutierres de Mendoza, if you find the corresponding marriage information besides the marriage record (informacion matrimonial on familysearch) would probably give you the names of the parents there too.

Thanks again RJ. I have all of those and thanks. By you telling me he was a widower I was able to find the record for his first marriage. It is indeed Ana Gutierres de Mendoza and it lists his parents as Joseph Hurtado and Micaela de Pedroza. I also found the marriage information for his parents Joseph and Micaela and when reading it says "no conosidos" which I believe means they don't know who his parents are.,172124202,1092026513

Yes, unfortunately as you may know already most widower/widow records for marriage lack the parents name, but in the other hand that Dispensa gave you a least the tree for the "De Anda" family. By the way, the witnesses are: Francisco Alvares Tostado, Christobal Ramires de Hermosillo and Luis Lopez Ramires.

Indeed the "no conocidos" means they did not know the parents for your last record, now the reasons for that could be many, therefore it many not necessarily be a dead end yet, but could go either way.

Interesting how all this people those records in this time period are using two surnames, I've hardly seen that on my own genealogy, always something to learn. Good luck with your researches.

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