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Antonio Madera 1573 Pasjero de Indias?

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By MADERA_32 - Posted on 25 March 2015

Refence No. is: INDIFERENTE,2057,N.91

I am interested to know where he went? Can anyone help in deciphering the document which is about 14 pages long.

apparently his wife's name is isabel lopez and they have no children at the time. it keeps refering to a hermano or hermana (not sure whose) and talk about some people with the last name avellaneda.

also you seem to have more luck finding ancestors of yours on that site than me

This is more or less what the introductory letter says (first page):

Antonio madera vzo (vecino) de la ciudad de Sivilla (sevilla) dize que en la Nueva
España esta y reside maestre Alo. (Alonso) su cuñado el cual es ?? (barbero?) y cirujano hombre fin? y sin hijos porque una hija q' tenia se metio de monja, y es administrador del ospital real de la ciudad de mexico y por no tener hijos como dicho es nuestro heredero mas cercano q' a la mujer del dicho Antonio madera q' es su hermana los a ymbiado (embiado) alla(allá) mas para el dar su hacienda y as sus hijos y a si mismo los a ymbiado dinero para hacer el viaje como pido? parece Por la ynformacion que presenta y por que ellos son pobres y padecen muncha necessidad y assi les ymporta su remedio y a permanecer la dha' (dicha) Nueva España en compañia del dicho su cuñado y Hermano suplica a V. alza. (vuestra alteza) les mande dar licenza. (licencia) para alla q' enello recibira mucho?

I put question marks on words that don't convince me, is practically the typical petition for a licence to go to America, the next pages may contain more information but usually is just the witnesses declarations. If this is one of your ancestors you should try this document as your spring project :)

Thank you Katy and RJC. Does it say anything about his age or how he looks like?

I have read about other pasjaeros de indias and it usually would describe the person traveling.

it's weird how i can't find pasjaeros record for any the founders of jerez like pedro carrillo davila or hernan gonzalez de berrocal

I am curious about the admnistrador de ospital real de ciudad de Mexico.

Is it this one:

RJQ, it does say barbero. In those days it was common for there to be were people that were both barberos and cirujanos.

Katy, there are a lot of founders from throughout Nueva Galicia that we are missing the licencia de Pase a Indias.

Thank you Armando! What was a barbero? So the cunado name "Maestro Alonso" was a barbero and cirujano? While Antonio Madera was administrador de ospital? Now I have to find out the names of his children. Because their has to be a guy to inherit and continue on the surname "Madera"

Because I need to make the connection of that Antonio Madera of 1573 with my 7th generation Great Grandfather Antonio Madera (1660 - 1709) who was at Minillas, Mezquitic, Jalisco, Mexico who may be the grandson of the Antonio Madera that cross over to Nuevo Espana on the Pasajero De Indias.

On the very last page, there is a title, "Doctor"

Armando, thank you for the link, thats interesting indeed, also I am guessing that by Maestre he could had work for the military.

Madera, I am sorry for not translating, is English your native language? (mine is spanish, with my bad english is rather obvious) It goes something like this:

Antonio Madera neighbor from Sevilla says, In Nueva España there is and lives Maestre Alonso his Bthr in law, who is a Barber and Surgeon, a men without kids since his daughter became a Nun, and he (Alonso) is an administrator of the Ospital Real of Mexico city, and because he doesn't' have kids we(Madera's family and Alonso) have the closest "inheritance relation", the wife of the mentioned Antonio Madera who is his (Alonso) sister has been summoned (in Mexico) to be inherited as well as her kids, he (Alonso) also send them money for the trip according to the presented information, since they (Madera's family) are poor and have much necessities, thus they need this and also to live there (Mexico) in the company of the aforementioned Brother in Law, whom beg to your Highness for a license since they would receive the most out of it.

If I have time I would look for other information on the document that seems interesting, in this case since Antonio M. was already married and the main person in question is his wife, there is no initial description of them, unlike sigles who traveled in those days, but it may be something with in the docs, I havent seen them all.
Also the name Madera brings quite a few hits on the pares website, it may be the case that more than one came to America. By the way is Francisco I. Madero related to your ancestors, that would be interesting.

Thank you RJQ,

Very interesting in what you tell me. I have for sure my ancestry traced back to 1660 going back to my 7th generation great grandparents "Antonio Madera (1660 - 1709) and Maria De La Candelaria Angon (1655 - 1735). But they lived at Minillas, Mezquitic, Jalisco, Mexico. Two generations later their grandson Blas Madera had two sons name Francisco Madera and Lazaro Madera who then show up at Huejuquilla El Alto during the early 1700's. And that is where we have been since.

I don't know who the parents are of Antonio Madera of Minillas, Mezquitic, Jalisco, Mexico.

Oh wait? It was the Maestro Alonso that you say didn't have kids and for that reason had Antonio Madera and his wife travel to Mexico for the inheritance since Alonso is the brother of the wife of Antonio.

But then there is the posibility that Antonio and his wife had kids that traveled along too.

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