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New Member Introduction related to De La Cruz, Placencia from San Miguel El Alto, JAL

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By slot33 - Posted on 11 April 2014

Hi everyone,
My name is Sylvia Lottes and I live in Southern California. My father is 83 years old and only remembers his grandparents names. He never met them since my grandfather came to the US in the 1900s and wasn't able to travel back to Mexico until the early 1960s. My father is planning on visiting some of his cousins' families again this year when he goes to San Miguel El Alto (probably his last trip due to health reasons) but never remembers to ask anyone for family history.

I've been doing most of my research through for the last couple of years. I recently found FamilySearch and that has been so useful in looking at the actual records and finding grandparents' and parents' names.

In 2013, a young man reached out to me via because his grandfather was my dad's half-brother (shared same father). That side of the family did not know anything about the grandfather's parents so it's been pretty cool getting to know them and my father being able to tell them about their grandfather and great-grandfather. My newly found cousin is also trying to find out about our relatives.

I'm so glad I stumbled upon this site and hope to learn more about my ancestors, where they came from and their culture.

One of the De la Cruz family lines from San Miguel el Alto is closely related to the Lomeli family from San Miguel el Alto. It was through my research of the Lomelin that I was able to find the origin of their close De la Cruz relatives. Three brothers from San Juan de Los Lagos went to San Miguel el alto and started those lines. One used His fathers Lomelini surname, another used his mothers de la Crus surname (sometimes De la Santa Cruz), while the third initially used de la Cruz and did not use Lomelin until he married a third cousin descendent from the same lomellin family. This last brother stayed in contact with both the de la Cruz and the Lomelin lines and left descendents with both surnames. My wife descends from this third brother. My wife's maternal grandfather only used Lomelin but continued recognizing the close familial relationship with the De La Cruz until he passed away at 92 years old. His grand father was the third brother.


Thank you R.A.

I will check into this line to see if there is a connection. I know at one point, I pulled all the De La Cruz around 1860s. I'm sure there is a connection there but the one that I was interested in was Decidero De La Cruz. I found his father and mother listed on his marriage record which led to the baptismal record.


Have you been able to go into the 1700's with the de la Cruz line and if so, are they still in San Miguel?
At that time my wives family are then in San Juan de Los Lagos .
RA Ricci

I'm just at the end of 1700's with one reference to parents through a marriage record. I've been unable to find the parents yet although I'm not done researching San Miguel El Alto church records. I haven't started looking around nearby churches yet. Nothing is popping up through Family Search or I guess this is where I have to roll up my sleeves and look at individual records including San Juan de Los Lagos. Thanks for the tip!

I checked out your family genealogy line and either I don't have enough info or I'm following a De La Cruz that is not part of Lomelin line…I haven't determined yet. BTW I had to set this aside for awhile due to the holiday and just needing a break. Out of curiosity, how long have you been researching your family's ancestors?

Sylvia Lottes

The de la Cruz / Lomelin family was originally from San Juan de Los Lagos in the 1700's. Moved to San Miguel el Alto


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